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  • Promotional Paper

    Promotional Paper

    Product: Purina Puppy Chow Television: commercial add on NBC during Olympics Print: Advertising in Dog Fancy Magazines Internet: Full website of products Direct mail: Coupons mailed directly to new puppy owners that are registered through AKC. Publicity: Breeder and Vet recommendation Purina Puppy Chow was first recommended to me by

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  • Promotional Video

    Promotional Video

    Promotional Video Ran into many obstacles. For starters, there is not one video that addresses our needs...not one. There are dozens of tutorials, but this is not what we are looking for. I think we are going to have to figure this one out on our own every step of

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  • Proper Governance on Intranet Projects

    Proper Governance on Intranet Projects

    Proper Governance for Intranet Projects Proper Governance is a necessity in software projects and is an approach that must be employed to achieve project deliverables. Without a governance strategy, projects can run the risk of increased costs, delays in release, and lack of acceptance within an organization. For the past

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  • Proposal for a Backup Solution

    Proposal for a Backup Solution

    Proposal for a Backup Solution Working as a volunteer for a small non-profit organization, I have been asked find a suitable backup solution for our environment. The plan should allow, not only the backup of critical data, but also the ease of moving the data offsite in the event of

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  • Proposal for Kudler Fine Foods

    Proposal for Kudler Fine Foods

    Proposal for Kudler Fine Foods Our team was charged with the task of selecting a small business for which to implement database forms and reports requirements. We selected an upscale specialty food store located in the San Diego metropolitan area, named Kudler Fine Foods, as our business model. As

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  • Proposal for the Development of a Business Plan to Launch a Graphics & Web Design Company

    Proposal for the Development of a Business Plan to Launch a Graphics & Web Design Company

    Proposal for the development of a Business Plan to Launch a Graphics & Web Design Company Prepared for: Dan Hirschhorn - Capella University TS7000-Technical Communications Prepared by: Chacondra Holcombe January 11, 2003 Introduction In todayÐŽ¦s business world, many consumers prefer a companyÐŽ¦s presence & position on the internet. E-Business is

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  • Proposal on It Role in Agriculture

    Proposal on It Role in Agriculture

    PLANNING COMMISSION Agriculture Strategy for Eleventh Plan: Some critical issues INTRODUCTION 1.1 The Approach Paper to the Eleventh Five Year Plan prepared by the Planning Commission, suggested a road map for 9% per annum growth for the economy as a whole, and an agricultural growth target of 4% per annum

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  • Proposal: Sr-Ht-003 for Huffman Trucking

    Proposal: Sr-Ht-003 for Huffman Trucking

    Proposal: SR-ht-003 for Huffman Trucking Proposal: SR-ht-003 for Huffman Trucking Huffman Trucking's central maintenance facility in Cleveland, Ohio and presently has hubs in Los Angeles, California, St. Louis, Missouri, and Bayonne, New Jersey. To effectively manage their business, it is critical that Huffman Trucking can share information regarding vehicles

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  • Proposals for Electronics Design

    Proposals for Electronics Design

    ECE110D/C11 LASAY, GWENEIVERE B. VILLAFRANCA, MA. ISABELLE C. PROPOSAL#1 Client: Sapitz Franz Airyl, Biker Problem: Biking can be dangerous due to road potholes. Unlike cars, potholes can cause more damage to bicycles due to its smaller wheel spans especially during the night. Project: Pothole Detector for Bicycles using Infrared Proximity

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  • Pros & Cons of Nuclear Energy

    Pros & Cons of Nuclear Energy

    Geography: Nuclear Energy * (FYI) Nuclear energy is one of many technologies used to generate electricity. It is a clean, safe, and an economic energy source that does not contribute to smog, or emit acid gases or greenhouse gases that are linked to climate change * Nuclear energy continues

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  • Pros and Cons of E-Commerce

    Pros and Cons of E-Commerce

    Pros and Cons of E-Commerce Electronic commerce or e-commerce involves the buying and selling of products or services over the internet. Put simply, e-commerce means conducting business online. E-commerce software programs run the main functions of an e-commerce web site, including product display, online ordering, and inventory management. This software

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  • Pros and Cons of Modern Day Technology

    Pros and Cons of Modern Day Technology

    Technology Have cell phones, PDAs, and computers changed the standards of living. If you are not certain just ask an elder what it was like to type a paper or wait all day for a phone call without modern day technology. The progression of artificial intelligence has made many aspects

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  • Protecting Yourself online

    Protecting Yourself online

    Protecting Yourself Online In this paper we will discuss some basic steps to better secure your system. We will discuss the following four (4) areas: v Email v Internet v Chat Programs v Virus Protection 1. Email: * Do not open any email attachment that you receive from anyone without

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  • Protocol Overview

    Protocol Overview

    Communication Protocols: All communications between devices require that the devices agree on the format of the data. The set of rules defining a format is called a protocol. At the very least, a communications protocol must define the following: -rate of transmission (in baud or bps) -whether transmission is to

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  • Protocol Review of Telephone and Data Networks

    Protocol Review of Telephone and Data Networks

    Protocol Review of Telephone and Data Networks Robert Sabine University of Phoenix NTC 360 Network and Telecommunications Concepts October 28, 2006 Protocol Review of Telephone and Data Networks In our initial analysis, Riordan's network architecture is primarily based on Ethernet technology. Other technologies also discovered were VoIP, satellite and

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  • Proton Afta

    Proton Afta

    Proton and Perodua are really going to feel the threat of AFTA if they are not prepared by the year 2005. Government has helped them by deferring the AFTA from 2003 to 2005. So now it is up to the local manufacturers to come out with their own remedies to

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  • Providing Representations in Multiple Modalities

    Providing Representations in Multiple Modalities

    Providing Representations in Multiple Modalities Mathematica software enables students to see a graphical representation of any function. By changing equations or using different values for variables, students develop a deeper understanding of mathematics by viewing changes in the graphical representations. A key understanding in pharmacy education is that the

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  • Ps3 Vs. Xbox360

    Ps3 Vs. Xbox360

    These two systems are the next generation of console gaming, and even though they are competing with each other for the top spot, they both share many similarities as well as differences. The easiest seen likeness between these two consoles is that both of them have backwards compatibility. Both The

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  • Public Health Measures to Reform Health Care in America

    Public Health Measures to Reform Health Care in America

    Public Health measures to reform health care in America We all know that this country has a system of doctors and hospitals to take care of us when we get sick. What many people don't know is that there also is a system that keeps us healthy. It works in

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  • Puerto Rico Crisis Impact on Healthcare

    Puerto Rico Crisis Impact on Healthcare

    Puerto Rico Crisis- Impact on Healthcare Supplies Introduction The Atlantic hurricane season has been an unexpected one as the region witnessed successive hurricanes with some of them classified as Category 4 storm. Puerto Rico was ravaged by a category 4 hurricane named Maria. The impact of this storm has been

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  • Pulse Programmer of Mri

    Pulse Programmer of Mri

    Introduction of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Philips 3 tesla clinical MRI scanner Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is primarily used in medical imaging to visualize the structure and function of the body. It provides detailed images of the body in any plane. MR has much greater soft tissue contrast than computed tomography

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  • Purdue Construction Program

    Purdue Construction Program

    Purdue University Calumet Looking for a school to get you that 4 year degree in construction technology? Purdue university Calumet located 25 miles southeast of downtown Chicago offers a great program designed to meet the needs of students looking for a good start in the construction industry with a good

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  • Push Stick

    Push Stick

    Push Stick This project was fairly easy, but to others it may seem complicated so as you read I will tell you how to make a push stick with step-by-step instructions. 1. You trace your layout onto the piece of wood you'll be working with. 2. Then, go to the

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  • Push Technology

    Push Technology

    Five thousand years ago, with the invention of writting, the human species took its first jump towards a technological civilization. The second one came only in the last half of hte XV century, with the invention of press, by Gutenberg. The possibility of reproducing thousands of identical copies of the

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  • Putting the Enterprise into the Enterprise System

    Putting the Enterprise into the Enterprise System

    Enterprise Systems are software packages, offering solutions for integration of basic business function information such as financial data, marketing and sales figures, human resources, and logistics; in one database, reachable throughout the company’s departments. Thus, enterprise systems help organizations to defrag and transfer vast amounts of data. The preceding legacy

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  • Quake 3

    Quake 3

    // generated by quake, do not modify unbindall bind TAB "+scores" bind ENTER "ut_zoomin" bind ESCAPE "togglemenu" bind SPACE "+moveup" bind + "sizeup" bind - "sizedown" bind / "ut_radio 5 1 Enemy Spotted @ $crosshair" bind 0 "weapon 10" bind 1 "ui_selectteam" bind 2 "ui_selectgear" bind 3 "weapon 3" bind

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  • Quality Management

    Quality Management

    the Xbox 360 will be HD-DVD compatible. Get the full story at Who Needs Sight?: How would you feel if someone totally beat the ever-loving waste products out of you while you were playing a game...and they were facing away from the screen? Well, folks who set themselves up

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  • Quantitative Techniques in Business

    Quantitative Techniques in Business

    DOM101 Quiz 5 will be held on April 21, Thursday, syllabus is sessions 19-23 1. 800 people are surveyed to see if they bought Lux or Cinthol soaps. 204 people say they bought Lux. 320 people say they bought neither Lux nor Cinthol. If it has been proven with 5%

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  • Quantum Mechanincs

    Quantum Mechanincs

    Civilisation has advanced as people discovered new ways of exploiting various physical resources such as materials, forces and energies. In the twentieth century information was added to the list when the invention of computers allowed complex information processing to be performed outside human brains. The history of computer technology has

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  • Quick Business Inventory

    Quick Business Inventory

    Upon analyzing Some Dude's business needs and the current methods being used we developed a program using Excel spreadsheets to incorporate an inventory management system. The system will allow the business to organize and control incoming raw product as well as outgoing product demand. In addition, this system will track

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