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Protecting Yourself online

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Protecting Yourself Online

In this paper we will discuss some basic steps to better secure your system. We will discuss the following four (4) areas:

v Email

v Internet

v Chat Programs

v Virus Protection

1. Email:

* Do not open any email attachment that you receive from anyone without checking first - not even from your closest friends.

* If someone has to send you a doc file ask them to convert it into *.rtf or *.txt format and then send.

* If you must open any doc extension files, you can first use one of those doc file readers available free on the net.

* Alternatively, you could convert the extension of the file (doc) to text (txt) and then open it with your text editor and see what the file is all about.

* If you do decide to open it as a doc file in MS Word ensure that the macro security setting is set to HIGH

* In your email client turn off the 'receiving HTML mails' option.

2. Internet

v Set Explorer to show file extensions. For this go to Windows Explorer/ My Computers > Tools > Folder Options > View (tab) > and uncheck the 'Hide File Extension For Known File Type' box. This will help you to avoid clicking on hoaxes.

v Do not give out your information on the net. While surfing the web you will see that there are sites that will ask for your personal information. Do not give information about yourself and hide out information about yourself as long as you can.

v Disable JAVA and Active X. To do this under MS IE, move your default-browsing zone to High security in Tools-Internet Options. This switches off 90% of MSIE exploits. You don't have to enter the sites that don't let you enter without Java and Active X enabled. Know how to read cookies and take a close look at them. Use software like cookie crusher and every time you log online crush all your previously received cookies. If you use IE then make sure that you run Windows Update at least once a week.



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