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  • Zara: It for Fast Fashion

    Zara: It for Fast Fashion

    Problem Statement: In 2003, Zara's CIO must decide whether to upgrade the retailer's IT infrastructure and capabilities. At the time of the case, the company relies on an out-of-date operating system for its store terminals and has no full-time network in place across stores. Despite these limitations, however, Zara's parent

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  • Zero Energy Buildings

    Zero Energy Buildings

    Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi Zero energy buildings Environmental Engineering Ankit Agarwal Prateek Deshmukh Rahul Agarwal Varun Pal Singh Kohli Amrit Juneja 24-3-2008 CONTENTS ABSTRACT 4 INTRODUCTION 5 I. Boundary Definitions and Energy Flows 6 II. Definitions 9 III. How definition influences design 11 IV. Conclusion 14 V. References 16

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  • Zune Commercial Proposal

    Zune Commercial Proposal

    MICROSOFT ZUNE :: With intense music playing, the black screen reads in white letters "THE TIME HAS COME." The words zoom in as the music cuts to a mystical song. The Zune symbol zooms in and comes to a screeching halt on screen: Scene 1: After a brief pause with

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  • О§money Is the only Thing That Really Motivates Peopleðžð. Discuss.

    О§money Is the only Thing That Really Motivates Peopleðžð. Discuss.

    I. Introduction Henry Fielding once said, ÐŽ§Make money your god and it will plague you like the devilЎЁ. Money presents in so many aspects of life. It seems that almost everything can be bought, with the high value attached to money. People are very addicted to money because of the

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  • вð‚ñž	what Is Multimedia?

    вð‚ñž what Is Multimedia?

    The word "Multimedia" simply means being able to communicate in more than one way. This means that, whether you are aware of it or not, you already give multimedia presentations. For example if you rub your temples while telling someone you have a headache or when you point to a

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