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Apple - Technological Management and Information Analysis

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Essay Preview: Apple - Technological Management and Information Analysis

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Technological Management and Information Analysis

Prof. Uma Mohan, Saleh M. Saleh

Student: Hasmik Sargsyan

Student ID Number: 0283NMNM1009

Executive Summary

The mobile phone industry has gone a long way before reaching the present level of development, enabling us not only to keep in contact with each other, but also to upgrade our performance at work, saving time and raising the quality of the work. Apple Inc., being one of the leaders in computer production joined the race later than other. However, due to a successful strategy and right choice of the functions combined in a single device very soon it became one of three leaders in mobile phone production.

The very existence of an online application store was aimed at the provision of better service to the customers and raising the sales of the main products (iPhone, iPod Touch). There was no resistance to the implementation process of the innovation as it proved its viability from the very first days of its introduction.

The introduction of applications through iTunes online store and later opening Apple App stores, the company not only raised the sales but also introduced a totally new culture into the everyday lives of smartphone users. The service enabled each customer individualize and customize their devices according to their preferences, upgrading the service provided, making it of higher quality, more useful and better designed.

The process resulted in a leading position of application providers and raising the number of mobile phone sales, listing it among top three producers. The success of the innovation made the company change the technological specifics of music uploaded so that it is available to larger masses.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 2

Table of Contents 3

Introduction 4

Chapter 1 5

Chapter 2 10

Conclusion 13

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Mobile phones are no more seen as a sign of someone's social status. The great majority of the population cannot even imagine their lives without the use of the 'magic device' which enables them keep in contact with their friends or relatives all over the world. The personal characteristics of the device user define the use of the device: for some people 'phone is just a phone and a computer is just a computer'.

In the age of constant development, the majority cannot bear the fact of carrying several devices so as to be in track of the latest developments either in the professional sphere or everyday life, being on the way all day long. It was the development of mobile technologies that enabled people combine the characteristics of more than one device in a single one by the release of smartphones. It is no more believed to be for the biological needs, but rather for those of psychological and everyday life. Depending on the age and the personality of the individual high-end technology gives the customers a chance to express their identity, i.e. customize their smartphones through different applications, wallpapers, stickers, etc. and Internet has played a major role in the realisation of the aim.

People are constantly online through their mobile devices through WAP or 3G technologies and Apple applications have played a major role in the development of the technologies and support to the competitive advantage of corporations. Through different applications individuals can either follow the developments in the political and financial worlds, play games, make their own cyber life and 'live' there or just be a part of the company he works at, to manage the deadlines and complete the work cutting long distances.

The present paper deals with the role of Apple applications available on iTunes store online and at Apple App stores all over the world, how they affected the development of the corporation and the sales of iPhones and iPod Touch. The research paper consists of an executive summary, an introduction, giving an outline of the paper, chapter 1, which characterizes the industry, the main functions and the problems, and reviews the Apple Inc. profile, chapter 2 is comprised of the development of iPhones and the main problem under study: the sale of applications on iTunes store so as to boost the sales of the smartphone; and a conclusion, summarizing the results of the research.

Chapter 1

The industry of mobile phones has been developing for already seventh decade, starting from the 40s of the previous century. However the development that it went through was of major importance, making yelps every decade: the initial look that they had weighed more than a couple of kilograms, nevertheless the scientists never imagined that such a development of technology was possible.

The development of the mobile phone industry is classified according to the generations. The first one was introduced by the Motorola Company in the early 1980s. The main characteristic feature of those phones was the use of analogue technology rather than digital ones. However the main problem with these phones was that of mobility, non-cost-effectiveness and inconvenience: they had a size of a briefcase.

The second generation of mobile phones, 2G technology was more of use to the public weighing less than the previous analogs, hence being more convenient. This technology was quicker and more reliable and was one of the most useful technological innovations of the 80s. The cellular technology producers in their turn tried hard on making the price more affordable and an average model would be affordable then for $200 including the service rate.

The 3G phones, which are currently used by the population, is quite similar to the 2G ones, with just certain differences including not only exchange of voice data but also emails, instant messages, enabling the customer being in contact 24/7. This technology made a change in the way of life of the society not only in the matter of technological development, but also in the matter of changing the way of life of the people. People prefer exchanging text messages rather than making voice calls. Moreover, the prices are becoming more and more affordable no matter how complex technology is being used.




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