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Management Information System - Statistical Research and Methods for Management Decision

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Essay Preview: Management Information System - Statistical Research and Methods for Management Decision

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Management Information System

Statistical Research and Methods for Management Decision

March 2, 2004


In this study, choices of respondent are evaluated to aid the Authority in preparing the scope of services to be used in an RFP for the selection of a Firm able to provide IT Management System services. Respondents participated in focus group as well as answer questions to a questionnaire that was tabulated that will aid in the sampling of data collection and data analysis.

Problem Statement:

The Housing Authority of the City of Camden (HACC) needs to upgrade the Management Information Systems (MIS) to address the constant changes of the organization. Presently, HACC is using a system called Emphasys Flex Systems. Due to the requirement for a competitive procurement process, HACC is presently preparing to put together a Request for Proposal (RFP) to obtain a qualified firm to provide IT Technical Support to HACC's MIS Department for maintaining the network system.

In order to identify these needs, a questionnaire was developed and completed by staff in key areas. Our intention is to learn through this study the areas of deficiencies that are hindering the ability of the staff to use to the present system to full capacity as well as to determine future upgrades necessary to keep up with on going growth of the agency. Three main areas that were identified as a problem to staff were as follows:

HACC Hardware is outdated:

One of the main concerns expressed thus far, is that the desktops, server hardware and the software used by the agency are outdated and need to be replaced. Staff are not able to properly utilize the present system due to the current hardware infrastructure.

Community Management offices do not have enough PC'S able to properly operate:

Staff offices at the Community Management Offices include the Community Managers, the Maintenance Supervisors, and community clerical staff. Currently, staff members must take turns using the only computer available for running Emphasys Flex.

HACC staff is unable to get meaningful reports from Emphasys Flex System:

HACC staff enters data into Emphasys System on a daily basis but the reports supplied do not provide the information needed.


To measure the effectiveness of staff participation, HACC conducted personal interviews and focus groups to allow for staff participation and explain the questionnaire that was to be disseminated among five departments. It was also explained that not all staff would be required to participate and that the department heads would select the participants based on the utilization of the system by the identified staff. This was done because we understood that not all staff of the agency had access to the system and they were not required to do so, such as our maintenance staff and groundskeepers.

Sample Data:

Participants in the study are employees that serve in different capacities within the agency and they are as follows.

* Record Management Staff

* Support Staff

* Personal Assistants and Secretaries

* Line Managers

* Human Resource Staff

* Senior Staff

The participants were given instructions on how to complete the document and given information regarding the purpose and outcome of this study. Even though there are 185 staff members, we decided to just get a sample of 10 from each department. A total of 60 samples were collected and evaluated. Based on the responses of the staff that participated, it was determined that the RFP needs to include each of the following areas of deficiencies within the scope of services:

* Research - Improving Network Administration and Software deployment, continue to confer with technical assistance providers, and review what other public housing authorities are doing throughout the State.

* Future Upgrades - HACC will migrate hardware every three years, as it is within this three year time frame changes make hardware and software obsolete. The HACC Information Technology goal is to get as close to a "zero cost of ownership and maintenance" network and suite applications as possible while still maintaining state of the art services for the employees who, in turn, serve the needs of the residents of HACC.

* Training - User training needs to be an ongoing process as each department receives new computers, printers, software or other IT related items. It is clear by the department's responses, that staff needs more training performed remotely through dial-up across the agency Internet network connection, while other times they can utilize the comprehensive HACC Neighborhood Network Computer Technology Learning Center.

* Network and Application Security - There is a need to have a comprehensive Internet security plan and policy to be implemented with the start up of the agency's Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Wide Area Network (WAN).


Depending on the question type, the responses were compared using chi-square analysis



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