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Wood Shop Problem Solving

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When making a project in shop class, it is easiest to use tools that are easy to use and not very time consuming. Without the table saw or radial arm saw, it would be very difficult to cut joints, width, and length of your wood. Even though it may be difficult, it is still possible with the use of other machines available in the wood shop.

The first step you would usually take would be cutting your wood to length. Not using the table saw for this would be difficult, but can be done with the use of the portable circular saw. Before you start to cut your width, you will need to mark the width with a line of chalk. After you do that, you cut in a straight line following the chalk.

After you have the width cut, the next step would be to cut the length of your wood. Depending on the width of your wood, you could use the miter gauge or the portable circular saw. If the width of the wood is thin, then you can use the miter gauge. If the board is pretty wide, you would need to use the portable circular saw.

When the length and width of your wood is cut, the next step would to be marking and cutting your joints. After marking your joints, the easiest way to cut them without the table saw would be the drill press. It might be more time consuming, but you will get the same results.

Not being able to use the radial arm saw or the table saw in shop class can make things a little more difficult. Although it may be more difficult, it doesn't mean that is can not be done. With a little patience and hard work, you can cut your width, length, and joints without the use of the table saw or the radial arm saw.



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