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Proposals for Electronics Design

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Client: Sapitz Franz Airyl, Biker

Problem: Biking can be dangerous due to road potholes. Unlike cars, potholes can cause more damage to bicycles due to its smaller wheel spans especially during the night.

Project: Pothole Detector for Bicycles using Infrared Proximity Sensors

Solution: The Infrared proximity sensors are aligned horizontally and then attached to the hood of the bike.

[pic 1]

If the sensors all measured same distance readings, it means that the ground is flat ,thus no potholes.

[pic 2]

If the sensors read different readings, it means that the ground is not leveled or flat.

Materials: Infrared Proximity Sensor, Microcontroller, LCD display, buzzer (indicator)

Scope: The Pothole detector for Bicycles is a type of obstacle detector wherein it detect potholes on roads.

Delimitation: This detector doesn’t detect moving obstacles such as moving cars and people crossing the road. The detector is also available in a small range (max. is 5m).



Client: Cami Revilla, Book Reader

Problem: Sometime the light intensity is too much that it can be harmful to the eyes and sometimes, the lamp emits too much light that it can cause high electricity cost.

Project: Automatic Desk Lamp using light and proximity sensors.

Solution: The desk lamp will automatically turn ON, once it detects that a person will use it. A proximity sensor is placed at the base of the lamp, horizontal to the desk. The proximity sensor will be set only to a minimum range, say 1 feet which is enough for it to detect a person using the desk. The lamp can also be set to automatically turn ON if it didn’t detected light and turn OFF when it detected light.

Materials: Light Sensor, proximity sensor, microcontroller

Scope: Desks lamps are used for additional lighting purposes for specially for people who are studying in tables.

Delimitation: The lamp is only applicable for domestic use.



Client: Carmelita Lasay, Elderly with poor eyesight

Problem: The blind or people with poor eyesight can detect the value of money by touching the engravings on the bills, however, not all of them know the engraving assignments of each value.

Project: Portable Money Value Indicator using Color Sensor.

Solution: The device will scan the bill and indicate the person the value by an indicator.

Materials: Color sensor, indicator, microcontroller

Scope: The device will be used to scan bills for money value detection.

Delimitation: The device is only applicable of bills, not coins.



Client: Grace Lasay, Housewife

Problem: It is important to sort the laundry before washing it because the white clothes will be messed up by the colored ones, sometimes, it can be really tiring.

Project: Automatic Laundry Sorter using Color Sensor,



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