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  • Phstat2


    PHStat2 readme file. PHStat2 is Windows software that assists you in learning the concepts of statistics while using Microsoft Excel. PHStat2 allows you to perform many common types of statistical analyses working with and using the familiar Microsoft Excel interface. PHStat2 is an enhanced version of the original PHStat statistical

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  • Physical and Logical Database Design

    Physical and Logical Database Design

    After all business requirements have been gathered for a proposed network, they must be modeled. Models are created to visually represent the proposed network so that business requirements can easily be associated with network objects to ensure that all requirements have been completely and accurately gathered. Basically data modeling can

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  • Physical Layer of Osi Model

    Physical Layer of Osi Model

    Abstract The Physical Layer is the lowest layer of the Open Source Interconnect Model (OSI). It is the layer that deals with all the measurable, physical entities associated with the network. At this layer it is specified how much bandwidth (Baseband or Broadband) will be used in the transmission of

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  • Pics and P3p

    Pics and P3p

    P3P AND PICS The growth of the web has been phenomenal and the volume and nature of the information that is available to view is very diverse. One aspect that has seemingly been overlooked throughout this growth process is that there is at least one thing that is even more

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  • Pie Charts

    Pie Charts

    Pie Charts An important part of decision making is having a clear understanding of the information used to base decisions from. Charts can be valuable when a need to represent numerical data would benefit communicating information visually. Some of the most important aspects of a good chart are to select

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  • Pioneers of Computer Programming

    Pioneers of Computer Programming

    Pioneers of Computer Programming When you think of 21st century computing, two things come to mind: Windows and video games. Learning Team A introduces you to the two men responsible for these phenomena - Bill Gates and Nolan Bushnell. William Henry Gates III During that late 1960's and early 1970's,

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  • Pipe Lines

    Pipe Lines

    MT - programma E&T - vak ETGRS2 jan. 2005 NWH, 4-4-05, pag. 1 / 2 Herkansingsopdracht ETGRS2 (interactieve lesbrief): Als herkansing wordt van een student gevraagd een lesbrief over een onderwerp of thema uit het vakgebied van Game Technologie / Game Design uit te werken als een zelfstandig te 'lezen'

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  • Piracy Abound

    Piracy Abound

    The IFPI said that the research institute Czech Academy of Sciences was recently the unwitting host of a server that powered one of the largest pre-release music archives in the world, and with the help of Czech police, the server and its 4TB of data has been shut down. The

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  • Piracy and Digital Rights Management of Dvds and the Internet

    Piracy and Digital Rights Management of Dvds and the Internet

    With widespread use of the Internet and improvements in streaming media and compression technology, digital music, images, DVDs, books and games can be distributed instantaneously across the Internet to end-users. Many digital service providers sell their digital content not only through DVDs but also over computer networks. However, without protection

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  • Piracy of Mp3s

    Piracy of Mp3s

    Introduction Since the inception of the modern computers in the late 1940s, computing systems have continually grown in complexity, both in hardware and in the software associated systems. This complexity is due to two factors: first, the tradeoffs in cost/performance versus size of various memory-storage systems, and second the way

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  • Piv Measurement of Fluid Flow Inside a Human Uterus Model for Cryoablation

    Piv Measurement of Fluid Flow Inside a Human Uterus Model for Cryoablation

    PIV MEASUREMENT OF FLUID FLOW INSIDE A HUMAN UTERUS MODEL FOR CRYOABLATION Xiaolong Luo1, Jim S.J. Chen1, Marla Wolfson2, Charles Philips2, Thomas Shaffer2 1Department of Mechanical Engineering, Temple University 2Temple University School of Medicine Abstract - A new technique has been proposed that allows cryoablation to be achieved on the

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  • Plagiarism


    is the practice of claiming or implying original authorship of (or incorporating material from) someone else's written or creative work, in whole or in part, into one's own without adequate acknowledgement. Unlike cases of forgery, in which the authenticity of the writing, document, or some other kind of object itself

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  • Plagiarism Group Paper

    Plagiarism Group Paper

    Plagiarism Group Paper Carolyn Carter (2002, p. 42) states that working for the same company for many years was commonplace for the better part of the 20th Century. People would get jobs in their teenage years and retire from the same company often over 50 years later. You knew that

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  • Planning for Management Information System

    Planning for Management Information System

    Planning for Management Information System Planning for Management Information System The biggest challenge and most critical success factor in reengineering projects are persuading the people within the organization to cooperate. When you begin to computerize a legacy system considers the advantages; reduced clerical cost, quicker processing time and improved

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  • Plm and Xml White Paper

    Plm and Xml White Paper Open product lifecycle data sharing using XML white paper: PLM XML The manufacturing industry is demanding unprecedented levels of interoperability between PLM software applications to help accelerate critical business process threads and achieve significant cost savings and time to market advantage. PLM XML from EDS boosts interoperability by defining

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  • Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

    Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

    Since the beginning of the 20th century the automobile has been Americans’ primary transportation source. Automobiles come in all shapes, sizes, and styles and are designed for a variety of purposes. Today most automobiles use gasoline or diesel fuel to power their internal combustion engines. The exhausts from these engines

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  • Pma Sa Life Skill

    Pma Sa Life Skill

    Teaching Project Management as a Life Skill to Previously Disadvantaged High School Students in Langa The application of project management skills can be a catalyst for real transformation. It can enable previously disadvantaged individuals to create strategies for the successful undertaking of many of the required tasks of daily living.

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  • Pneumatics


    Basic Advantages Why are pneumatic power systems so popular in such a wide range of work functions? Electronic systems certainly have a much faster response to control signals. Mechanical systems can be more economical. Hydraulic systems can be more powerful. The answer lies in the unusual combination of advantages pneumatic

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  • Pocket Digital Assistants and Use for Staff Nurses

    Pocket Digital Assistants and Use for Staff Nurses

    The personal digital assistant PDA) is a handheld device originally designed as personal organizers but over the years have advanced becoming the newest tool in the academic toolbox. It had broad capabilities is a powerful reference source as well as a computer and communicator that can be stored in a

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  • Police and Violence

    Police and Violence

    A law enforcement officer's credo is, "If you need me, I will be there for you. I will risk injury or death to get to you, because that is my promise" ( A day in the life of a law enforcement officer is unlike that of any other profession. There

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  • Police Radio

    Police Radio

    Police Radio Communication Failures COMM112 Police Radio Communication Failures There have been several incidents of radio communication failures reported by police officers and radio room dispatchers. There are constant occurrences of overriding, dead air, missed transmissions, loud static, and faulty emergency buttons. Therefore, the lives of Philadelphia police officers

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  • Political Policies of China

    Political Policies of China

    International business Environment Global Issue Paper Introduction Growing up in China, I can remember going to the street markets and bump into everyone, I felt like an ant in a mass colony. There's no space, the buses are packed, and the bicycle lane resembled a highway during a traffic

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  • Pollution


    Outline Of Pollution in the backcountry 1. Bush over turns Clintons plans to ban snowmobiles in Yellowstone National Park. (pro) a. Yellowstone will continue to be polluted and degraded. (con) 2. Business, Industry and environment. a. Two opinions presented by each side 3. Identifying problems with the over turning of

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  • Polymers


    Tiny molecules strung in long repeating chains form polymers. Polymers are every where even, the human body is made of them. DNA, the genetic blueprint that defines people and other living things, is a polymer. So are the proteins and starches in the foods we eat, the wheels on skateboards

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  • Portfolio Analysis

    Portfolio Analysis

    Introduction Riordan Manufacturing roots and core competency stem from Dr. Riordan’s research and development (R&D) focused business model. The focus on R&D has forged a reputation as a partner of any organization with a need for plastic, polymer, and fan component products. Due to the wide variety of applications of

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  • Pos


    An economical electronic point-of-sale updating system by DAVID G. HAMMEL Raytheon Company Bedford, Massachusetts INTRODUCTION A major trend in the business world is toward more complete record keeping of business performance. The demands of government (federal, state and municipal) are ever increasing for purposes of tax evaluations. In addition, business

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  • Pos 355 Final

    Pos 355 Final

    Although Windows dominates over 95% of the client market, there is still one company which has kept Microsoft up at night - Apple. A debate has always raged between these two companies, and their followers, as to which Operating System is the world's premier. This paper looks that debate directly

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  • Pos 355 Introduction to Operation Systems

    Pos 355 Introduction to Operation Systems

    A mainframe is a state-of-the-art computer for mission critical tasks. In the "ancient" mid-1960s, all computers were mainframes, since the term referred to the main CPU cabinet. Today, it refers to a class of ultra-reliable medium and large-scale servers designed for enterprise-class and carrier-class operations. IBM owns the mainframe business.

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  • Pos 406 Week 2

    Pos 406 Week 2

    /* Course Name Title: POS/406 Assignment: Week 2 Individual Assignment School: Program Objective: Write the program in Java (without a graphical user interface) using a loan amount of $200,000 with an interest rate of 5.75% and a 30 year term. Display the mortgage payment amount and then list the loan

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  • Pos 407 Week 3

    Pos 407 Week 3

    /*=================================================================== Main Program File Name: Support File1 Name: Week03IndividualAssignment.class Support File2 Name: Week03IndividualAssignment.html Programming Language: Java Program Purpose: EXAMPLE PROGRAM TO SHOW I CAN MAKE A WINDOWS JAVA PROGRAM Main Project Programmer: Edward F. O'Connor, Jr Program Version: 1.2 Version Control: 1.2 ===================================================================*/ /* BEGAIN PROGRAM */ import java.awt.*;

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