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Pros and Cons of Modern Day Technology

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Have cell phones, PDAs, and computers changed the standards of living. If you are not certain just ask an elder what it was like to type a paper or wait all day for a phone call without modern day technology. The progression of artificial intelligence has made many aspects of our lives easier than the day of our parents. In spite of there benefits however, there are of course some faults with in the growing of artificial intelligence.

Research shows that there are numerous effective usages for modern day technologies. This technology affects our everyday lives in various ways, ways that we may not even see. For instance, the development of computers and robots has made manufacturing a whole lot more efficient, in time and cost of production. Computers help process information much faster than ever before and even make time management much easier in personal lives.

Computers have regulated street lights; have made navigation satellites and tracking devices a more commonly used technology. This is good do to the amount of traveling that is done by average people now. Even smaller appliances used daily such as alarm clocks, dishwashers, coffee makers, and TV's have been completely revolutionized by computer chips.

These now dependent appliances also have negative effects; they make us lazier, and do less work then in past generations. We can also look to the manufacturing industry, were A.I. has been used the most, for perhaps one of the biggest downsides to the uproar of artificial intelligence. It has shot the unemployment rate through the roof because of new technology being faster, and cheaper to maintain then the working person. Modern day technology relies heavily upon electricity; if we were to loose this electricity and or if certain computers fail, our society would not run properly because of how it is set up. In spite of the modern day technologies benefits, we rely too heavily upon it.

In conclusion, there are positives and negatives with this technology. Many feel that the positives out way the negatives; but whether you like it or not, this is our future and that is not going to change. As we continue towards the future we can only hope that the future technological advances will produce more good than harm.



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