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Industrial Revolution and Its Contribution to Modern Day Warfare

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Essay Preview: Industrial Revolution and Its Contribution to Modern Day Warfare

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Now that I have studied and become familiar with "Mobilizing a Nation for War," I understand that the industrial revolution greatly altered the nature of modern day warfare. With the continuing advancements in technology, war is no longer a glorious battle where strong soldiers and will power alone will earn a country victory.

In the wars prior to the First World War, soldiers fought with individual honor on the battlefield, often fighting in a confrontational sword battle. Industrialization allowed for massive production of goods, steel and weapons of war. The power of tanks ("iron horses"), poisonous gas, shells, machine guns and hundreds of kilograms of bombs made its first appearance and accounts for much of the manslaughter. Poor war tactics that were not revised to meet the technology of modern day warfare also led to the senseless death of millions of men.

Nonetheless, World War One would only mark the trend for the upward sprawl of technological advancements. In World War One, generals fought with "ancient" war tactics where they would command soldiers to charge in large "waves" to awaiting enemy machine guns. Learning from our mistakes in military strategies in the past, twenty-first century warfare now includes much more sophisticated and discreet plans for victory, such as terrorist attacks, "information warfare" (where you target commanding and control systems) and biological weapons. Weapons of war include smart bombs, missiles, nuclear weapons, chemical arms and digitalized battlefields. The use of airplanes to scout enemy territory has now evolved into using satellites, radars and spy drones.

In the past, typical was the glorious war mentality. Honorable soldiers proving their manhood in a splendid battle of strength and skill of the sword. The revolution of industrialization would alter the nature of war forever; it is now a contest to better your brother with your displays of weapons of mass destruction.



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