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What role should Marketing Research play in helping a hospitality/Tourism Management organization implement the Marketing concept?

Marketing Research

This is a process that identifies and defines marketing opportunities and problems, monitors and evaluates marketing actions and performances and communicates that findings and implication to management.

Marketing Research process consist of four steps:

1. Defining the problem and research objectives

2. Developing the research plan for collecting information

3. Implementing the research plan

4. Interpreting and reporting the finding

Marketing Concept

A modern concept that is rapidly being adopted in the hospitality industry, It holds that organizational goals depends on determining the needs and wants of target markets and delivering desired satisfactions more effectively and efficiently than competitors

In order to implement marketing concepts, it is imperative to know an organizationÐŽ¦s orientation in terms of whether they are Product or Service oriented. Based on this, it serves as a base on how to satisfy the customers. Marketing concept is dependent on a marketing research to be conducted. The steps in the marketing research process will determine the market concept.

„« The Marketer needs to understand the consumerÐŽ¦s behaviour and over time their behavioural patterns.

„« Consumers have different perspectives

1. Societal influences ÐŽVsocialization(factors of),ethnicity

2. Personal situations-word of mouth(same service and product level should be given)

3. Psychological

Distinction between Product Orientation and Service Orientation

Product Orientation

The product offered by the organization should consider the consumerÐŽ¦s needs taste and preference and that they are constant and rapidly change.



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