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Shaw University Mission Statement

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Shaw University number one mission is teaching, with the commitment to maintain excellence in research and academic programs that foster intellectual enhancement and technological skills. Additionally, the University stresses character development, which includes religious, cultural, social, and ethical values. Ultimately, Shaw University endeavors to graduate students with demonstrated competencies in their chosen fields of study. I have come to the actualization that this is a serious mission that Shaw University has taken on because many of the students that have come to this University do not have religious, cultural, social, and ethical values embedded in them. That is where my mission comes in at and I believe that mission is to assist Shaw University in reconstructing the minds of these students by completing the simple act of maintaining my identity, in other words being me, being a leader not follower, paving my own road to success, just try to set an positive example so that it inspirers other to do the same. I also have a personal mission, a mission that will help me live my life outside of school and also just help me be a man of virtue and integrity, This personal mission is to construct my own constitution for my life and to try and live by righteous rules and guide line that will help me be a Stronger man, I also believe it will help motivate others.

Listen to a generation's music and one can tell where they are headed. Music is the key there is so much power in music, in the days of slavery it was a scapegoat, pain reliever. It gave our people faith, hope, power, and a humble mind. It almost seemed to make them free at times, I can relate to my ancestors in a way. Music is a drug and one can use it the wrong or the right way I truly believe that our ancestors used music in a constructive method and our generations spits in there faces because they used music to free themselves from mental slavery and now we slave our own people with our music, we're misusing it were promoting sex, lies, drugs, violence, this is why there are so many lost souls so many dieing and on our campus this music we listen to does even have our minds on school, there a widening gap between thug life and scholar and it make me want to holla. Our music now sells our youth ghetto dream of get rich quick schemes but they have not yet



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