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Mission Statement for Success in My Life

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Mission Statement for Success in My Life

I believe that success can be measured in more ways than one. Perhaps the most gratifying measure of success is knowing you made someone smile or did a kind deed for another person. To others success is measured by your career and the amount of money you make. Personally, I believe that success is measured by a person's persistence. All it takes to succeed is persistence.

I believe that my most important values and beliefs that will guide me on my road to success is perseverance. In order to succeed in my life I have to have will and determination to stick with it. Enthusiasm for mastering something worthwhile is a rewarding, joyous experience and it takes effort. Mistakes and setbacks are only part of the process. My family is also a very important value of mine, which will help me on my road to success, with out their support and encouragement I would be completely lost.

I am a dedicated and loving wife and mother. My family has always come first. I am also a caring sister, and daughter. I hope to always remember that my greatest success will be through my children's eyes and I want to continue to build and positively develop that relationship every day.

In my life I wish to accomplish my goals by: finishing college, acquiring a steady well paying teaching job, finding happiness for myself as well as my family and by taking on any challenges that come my way.

I plan on achieving my goals by first of all, setting specific goals for myself. Next I will need to set a date in which to achieve my goals. I will also need to develop a clear plan and finally, I will have to live my plan. The value of a plan can only be measured by the results.



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