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Mission Statement

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We exist in order to add value to the lives of those with whom we work by producing the highest quality of industrial and technological products, according to the needs of both society and the companies with whom we work.


When thought in market terms, the mission statement of the Kale Group seems to be highly market-oriented and exceedingly achieved. The Group's core objective is "adding value to the lives". Its customers are those with whom they work. Its business target is "producing the highest quality of industrial and technological products". And, what criteria they use are the "needs of the society and the companies with whom they work".

Some companies define their missions shortsightedly in industry or technology terms. However, mission statements are to be defined in terms of customer needs which necessitates to follow up the innovations and to supply the industrial know-how. Moreover, the organizations have to make innovations and create know-how before others do. As stated in its webpage, the Kale Group keeps a close eye on technological advancements. The Group is investing in the future with new technologies through its new company Kale Altэnay. Also, within years the Kale Group has taken important steps into the information sciences. One of these steps is Kaledata (one of the Group's companies) which has developed an Enterprise Resource Planning program (ERP) now being used by other Turkish companies.

The needs of the society and the companies with whom the group works take a big place in its mission. While the group keeps on moving ahead with its new investments and modernization projects in construction and infrastructure, it also keeps on developing its quality standards and innovations. And by doing so it keeps the leadership position in its operational areas. The Kale Group has also improved its competitive ability in world markets so it provides "better services to its customers and synergy to the group" .

While working to serve society with industrial achievements, the Kale Group has never forgotten its responsibility to the national welfare. Through the years, it has made important contributions to culture, science, art, sport and especially to health and education. To guarantee the permanence of its contributions, it established the Ibrahim Bodur



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