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Businese Mission Statement

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Joe's pizza & pasta restaurant

1) Mission Statement:

Joe's pizza & pasta restaurant is to provide Italian style pizza and pasta meals at a reasonable cost to the mutual benefit of the Australian consumer and the business, through a chain of licensed family restaurants.

2) Values Statement:

* Staffs are committed to provide customers with a high level of service, product quality, cleanliness and appropriate atmosphere at an acceptable price.

* Employees are provided with equal opportunity, a climate conductive to a high degree of personal development, economic satisfaction, and an opportunity for personal involvement of all employees.

* Suppliers are dealt fairly and ensuring mutual respect and profitability.

* The community is recognised with our social and community responsibilities.

3) S.W.O.T Analysis


* Excellent staff who are highly trained and very customer attentive.

* Great retail space that is bright, hip, clean, and located in an upscale mall, suburban neighborhood, or urban retail district.

* High customer loyalty among repeat customers.

* High-quality food offerings that exceed competitor's offerings in quality, presentation, and price.

* Strong relationships with vendors that offer high-quality ingredients and fast/frequent delivery schedules.

* Shareholders are provided with an acceptable rate of return on funds employed.


* Joe's pizza & pasta name lacks brand equity.

* A limited marketing budget to develop brand awareness.

* The struggle to continually appear to be cutting edge.


* Growing market with a significant percentage of the target market still not aware that Joe's pizza & pasta restaurant exists.

* Increasing sales opportunities in take out business.

* The ability to spread overhead over multiple revenue centers. Joe's will be able to spread the management overhead costs among the multiple stores, decreasing the fixed costs per store.


* Competition from local restaurants that respond to Joe's superior offerings.

* Pizza & pasta restaurant chains found in other markets.

* A slump in the economy reducing customer's disposable income spent on eating out.

4) Strategies

SO Strategy:

Reward bonus meals for customers that dine at Joe's



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