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Philosophy of Education

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As a future educator, my philosophy of education is student centered. I believe on focusing on the individual needs of the student, as well as involving them in the process of learning. I believe that students learn best through real-world experiences. I also believe that not all students relate to material in the same way. Motivation and interest are the two most important aspects when teaching students, because it gives them the desire to learn and succeed. I believe that my educational philosophy foundation will guide me to success in the classroom.

I agree that students learn best through real-world experiences which are meaningful to them. I believe that while some students may be able to learn from the "Great Books" and established "lists" of what is necessary to be culturally literate, students may not necessarily be able to actually relate to this material. In my own education, I was successful in being able to memorize and regurgitate information in order to earn good grades, however I did not always relate to the information, or see its relevance to my personal life and interests. In these situations, the information was often "lost" after I took a test. This approach to learning however was somewhat of an effective use of my educational time.

My personal experiences contribute to my philosophy today in that the most meaningful learning takes place when students are motivated and interested. It is my belief that the way to achieve this is by giving students a voice in the learning process, and by assisting them in finding connections in the curriculum with their own life and interests. By allowing students to bring their own stories, experiences, and ideas into the classroom, this provides the students with opportunities to work together, to learn from each other, and respect each others' differences.

My philosophy of education also incorporates ideas of social reconstructionism. Students should be given opportunities to relate their learning and critical thinking skills to social challenges and problems outside of the classroom. Not only do students have the potential to make a difference within our society, they can grow as individuals in the process. This approach has the benefits of empowering students and building their self esteem and problem solving skills.

I see my own personal philosophy of education as being eclectic. I believe in a student centered approach which



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