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Education Philosophy

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As a secondary English teacher, I hold some important tenets in regards to running a high school classroom as smoothly as possible. My foremost belief lies within the importance of embracing the diversity of my classroom. Another essential notion of mine is the magnitude of deadlines. One last thought I wish to discuss in this paper is the importance of respect amongst everyone in a classroom. I understand that the aforementioned tenets will be worthless I if I do not devise ways in which to make them a reality in my own classroom.

Diversity, as defined by both our class and the dictionary, is differing from one another, or unlike. By embracing the differences amongst myself and all of my students, a more productive learning community will be established. I hope to convince my students that acceptance and tolerance of each other is not only the proper way to behave, but that it also creates many more learning opportunities. What my students have not learned at home, or in other classrooms, I hope they will be able to learn from each other. I will reassure them that, often times, the most valuable lessons in life cannot be taught in a lesson-plan or textbook. They must use the classroom and the diversity it provides as another imperative learning resource.

As a teacher, setting deadlines is just as important as my future students meeting them. For this reason, I will lead by example and follow my original agenda as outlined for my students from early on in the semester. High school prepares students for college, careers, and the rest of what the real world entails. Deadlines are a common factor all of these share. By accepting excuses as to why my deadlines are not met, I will not be enforcing this tenet. So, I will be very clear as to what I am expecting, and more importantly, when I am expecting it. In college, one may lose credits because deadlines are not met. In a career, one may lose his/her job because deadlines are not being met. It is my responsibility as a high school teacher to prepare my students of this harsh reality.

Respect is my third conviction for my future English high school class. Not only is it important for my students to respect me as their teacher (and visa versa), but also it is even more important that they respect each other. When a decent amount of respect is given and maintained, my students will gain a sense of comfort in the classroom. In order for a classroom to be a positive



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