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Educational Philosophy

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My Educational Philosophy

Education is the foundation of human interaction. School is where students take in knowledge that will determine what they do with the rest of their lives. Students are offered great opportunities through education. Many times these opportunities are largely affected by how the material is presented to them. As an educator one is given the opportunity to facilitate the learning of these students and affect their lives in hopes that they use this information to progress forward into the future. My goal as a teacher is to educate the future generations of America. I want to be a teacher because teaching is a unique occupation that will provide me with intrinsic rewards.

I have found that the students have a large impact on how much I appreciate the art of teaching. I feel that teachers that have stable and healthy relationships with their students are the most successful. Throughout my student teaching experiences I have genuinely strived to be respectful towards all my students and each of their differing learning behaviors.

All students learn at different paces, and work better with some learning styles rather than others. This does not mean that students should be left behind because an educator prefers certain learning styles over one another. A good teacher attempts to you all types of learning styles in order to reach out to all types of learners. One can do this by touching on all aspects of Gardner's multiple intelligences theory when creating lessons.

I believe that assessment in the classroom should be constant. Student should have the chance to be graded beyond the simple tests and quizzes. Presentations, class discussions and other ways that students can prove that they are comprehending the presented knowledge is important and should be noted.

I am quite passionate about my content area, teaching allows me to communicate and share that knowledge with my students. Social studies cover so many areas: history, political science and the social sciences. I find each of these areas to be quite fascinating as well as lessons and skills that the students learn in these classes that they will use in the rest of their lives. The challenge and reward that comes from understanding the cognitive level of adolescent students is what makes me prefer working on the secondary level.

A teacher is more that just a facilitator of knowledge.



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