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Education Philosophy

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My Philosophy of Education

I believe that there wasn't any other profession to go into to combine my wanting to teach people the critical everyday things they need for everyday life and my love for children then becoming a teacher. Teaching will be more than a job to me, it will be my passion. Seeing the passion that teachers have for their job, even if they don't show it everyday, I know that it's there because you see it through out the year(s) they teach. I feel that I can see myself 10 years down the road still teaching, since both teaching people and my love for children have always been in my heart. I have also had the opportunity to have a few inspiring teachers, and seeing what they do everyday, making a difference each day, even if it's a small one in a student's life, has put an idea in my mind and I keep telling myself, "That's what I want to do!" Everyday would be a reward for me, knowing that I've completed my life long dream and hopefully passing my love of teaching to a student, like one of my teacher's has done for me. Hopefully having one student coming back to ask me for my advice or personal opinion would be a reward itself.

I feel that respect is needed not only for the students I will be teaching but also for the other teachers that I will be working with. I will learn to work together with the other teachers everyday just as I will with the students. I'm sure that if I am struggling with something that other teachers there probably have been through the same thing or something similar so if I give them respect I would want, they would be more willing to help. I feel that not just giving respect, but getting respect from another teacher is also an important need for a successful teacher. I know that by just giving respect to another teacher doesn't mean I have to agree with everything they do or like them, but it's just out of courtesy that I'd give them the respect that I want to receive from them. I believe that respecting other teachers and gaining respect also helps the school year go by easier and smoother, since I have seen in my school a few incidents where the teachers didn't quite agree with other so neither of them respected each other and it just made the school year seem to slowly drag on because of their attitudes.

I believe that students can learn to like education in some subject or another even when they aren't looking for it or wanting it. As long as the teacher catches their attention by making class fun and interesting. I'm not saying that everyday is going to be fun and exciting for every student, but I think that education can take students by surprise. I believe that each student deserves to be acknowledged as an individual also. I will not take that individuality away from them. I will not judge them by any



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