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Education and Philosophies

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In light of this course, I would say that my philosophy of education has changed. My first paper, in retrospect, reads almost like a

fantasy of what teaching should be like. I think in this aspect I have matured enough to realize that everything in this profession is

not "Disney" material. There are going to be students who do not follow directions, and worse who don't care about succeeding at

all. I would feel responsible for these children if I thought that there was a chance to help them. Unfortunately, there are some

children that will never buy into schooling and education in general. I do, however, still believe that I can positively impact that type

of child in the area of life, or even "street knowledge." I am not saying that I will be able to relate to all walks of life in the

classroom. That would be an overstatement. I do believe that I possess the common sense and approachability to be a "stop" on a

child's problem solving route. My first paper focused more on personal feelings and avoid

ed issues that were raised in this class. After taking part in discussions, I began to focus more on the system and the political

atmosphere of education, ranging from diversity in the classroom to violence in schools in general. I think that due to the Federal

Government being in control of school funds, some carpet decisions favor some schools while other schools are left hurting. I

believe that these decisions should be put in the hands of the parents and school board, for parents should be allowed to pick and

choose what their children are learning. I know that when my child attends school I will thoroughly investigate the curriculum and

take any means necessary to avoid liberal nonsense in the classroom. I believe that Parents and local educators rather than

Washington bureaucrats must chart our children's course, and leftist schemes like Goals 2000 and School to Work should



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