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Philosophy of Education

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First off let me state that a philosophy is not set, and philosophies change. They can change over time through trials or in an instant from one experience. And maybe I haven't thought this out enough or I am thinking to hard, but I don't have a philosophy of education yet. I do have ideas, I know how I want to teach and what kind of teacher I want to be, but since I have no experience in teaching I really don't have a philosophy. Anyways let's just say that the IDEAS expressed in this paper are not concrete who knows if any of them will work.

I have read other papers from this class and all they really did was elaborate on a couple of definitions in a colorful way so I won't be doing that. Besides how do I know how my classroom management skills are I have never managed a classroom? I can say that I think we need a union in Clark County but I have never taught in a nonunion school district, I have never taught in a unionized school district for that matter either.

Now my one major idea that I want all my students to understand is that I high school diploma means nothing, even in an easy money town like Las Vegas. The only way to be sure of success is to go to and graduate from college. This is the one philosophy that any teacher teaching any subject should have. And from my experiences teachers in high dropout, lower class schools are not pressing hard for their students to go on to the next level. To have a student set his goals so low as to just graduate high school is pitiful.

Now I plan on being a pretty lenient teacher, I know how to demand respect but I also understand the mindset of a class clown. I don't feel they need to be reprimanded or ignored for that matter they just need to be engaged. I myself was a class clown and I know that it derived from my home life, Most of the time these students just need some positive stimulation.

My main reason for teaching is to be a coach. My philosophy on coaching is much different. I also have experience in this field so these are my philosophies not ideas. First off class clowns are reprimanded, by either me or his peers. I will never kick an athlete off my team but I do have the power to make their life seem much worse than it was before they stepped into my room. The reason I would do this is to squash any cocky attitudes or arrogance towards my sport. The sport I coach is wrestling and it demands a ton of respect. I respect my athletes,



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