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  • Violence in Sports

    Violence in Sports

    There is no doubt violence exists in sports, famous acts of violence in sports include Mike Tyson biting off Evander Holyfield's ear in their rematch, and the brawl which had Ron Artest going into the stands and punching spectators. However, depending on the person, I believe that violence plays somewhat

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  • Violence: Animal Cruelty in the United States

    Violence: Animal Cruelty in the United States

    Violence: Animal Cruelty in the United States I am so sick of hearing cases on the news, like "Man from Atlanta is facing penalties in Georgia in which a puppy was cooked in an oven" or "Brothers in Atlanta are being charged for putting a puppy in a gas range

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  • Viper Fish

    Viper Fish

    The viperfish is one of the fiercest predators of the deep. It's scientific name is Chauliodus sloani. The viperfish's name comes from its fang resemblance to the Viper Snake. The viperfish, which typically grows to at least a foot long, has a very large mouth, which opens very widely but

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  • Viral Waterborne Diseases

    Viral Waterborne Diseases

    Viral waterborne diseases occur when water is contaminated and that affected water comes in contact with humans. Drinking water can be contaminated by human or animal feces that contain pathogenic microorganisms which cause water borne diseases and viruses. In developing countries four-fifths of all of the illness are caused by

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  • Virtual Reality

    Virtual Reality

    Virtual reality as of recent, while still extremely new, has become the topic of many opposing viewpoints. It has caught the eye of the general public for several reasons. Perhaps, this is mainly because of all the possibilities which virtual reality creates. Note that the possibilities are not pre- determined

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  • Virus


    Virus Overview The virus was first thought about in 1883 when A. Mayer was seeking to find the cause of the tobacco mosaic disease. Though he was unable to see them with the microscopy of his day, he postulated that a small agent caused the disease. D. Ivanowsky, later tried

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  • Viscometers and Fluids

    Viscometers and Fluids

    As per your request, an investigation into the viscosity of olive oil, ketchup, and several sugar solutions was conducted. A total of 28 tests were conducted at various spindle speeds. Viscosity can be described as the resistance to flow. When a shear stress is applied to a fluid, its layers

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  • Vitamin B5 Case

    Vitamin B5 Case

    General Information of Vitamin B5 Definition Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) is a water soluble vitamin and is one of the essential nutrients in to body. It is also known as the important coenzyme that carries out chemical reactions in the body. Chemical reactions can range from something as simple as

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  • Vitamin C

    Vitamin C

    Monica Castillo Advanced Composition Outline Thesis Statement: Vitamin C helps our immune system become stronger, it helps with some aspects of the brain, and the best thing is that you can also find it in many fruits and vegetables. Paragraph 1- Immune system becomes stronger * Energize * Common cold

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  • Vitamin C

    Vitamin C

    Vitamin C To many of America’s population, vitamin c may just sound like oranges or pineapples. It does come from citrus fruits, but it is much more important than it may sound, especially to athletes. It is an essential vitamin to staying healthy and fighting off unwanted virus’. It is

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  • Vitamin C Content of Apple Juice

    Vitamin C Content of Apple Juice

    Introduction Complete lack of ascorbic acid (a.k.a Vitamin C) in the diets of humans and other primates leads to a classic nutritional disease, scurvy. This disease was widespread in Europe during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, but it is rare today. Ascorbic acid is widely distributed in nature, but it

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  • Vitamin C Properties

    Vitamin C Properties

    Introduction Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins. Without vitamin C, human life would not be on this planet today. It does many positive things in the human body. It increases recovery time from illnesses such as colds. It helps to prevent free radical damage and collagen

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  • Vitamin D

    Vitamin D

    Adam Mason-Smith ID:11346129 Vitamin D Abstract For years vitamins and minerals have been improving peoples health and lives and vitamin D is no exception. Noted mostly for it's bone strengthening qualities as well as reducing the chance of many common ailments and cancers. These facts often see vitamin D introduced

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  • Vitamin E

    Vitamin E

    Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin found in vegetable oil, nuts, leafy green vegetables and whole-wheat flour. Vitamin E is an antitoxin that protects your cells against the potentially damaging byproducts of your body's metabolism. The daily amount of Vitamin E that should taken by a healthy adult is 15

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  • Vitamins Facts

    Vitamins Facts

    VITAMINS Vitamins, a group of organic substances required in our diets in small amounts for growth and nutrition, are usually found in foodstuffs or taken as supplements. Yet vitamins probably present a wider gap between myth and reality in the layman's understanding than almost any other area of our

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  • Viterbi Detection

    Viterbi Detection

    Abstract - Turbo codes allow engineers to implement systems that use a low energy quantity for the emitter and still can reach the absolute maximum capacity of the channel (as defined by Shannon). This paper presents a practical software implementation of a turbo encoder-decoder and analyzes its performances against other

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  • Vitiligo: The Destruction of Pigment

    Vitiligo: The Destruction of Pigment

    Aaron Hutsell BMS 230 - 1 Vitiligo: The Destruction of Pigment October 8, 2007 Professor Field There are many genetic disorders that cause abnormalities in genes and chromosomes. Some result in physical disabilities, mental retardation, and even the dreaded cancer. One condition however can affect a person physically and psychologically.

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  • Vivian Murray

    Vivian Murray

    Vivian Murray Chambers was born in Salisbury, North Carolina on June 4, 1903. Mr. Chambers received a Bachelor of Science from Shaw University in 1928, then a Bachelor of Arts from Columbia University, New York in 1931. He later received a Master of Science from Cornell University in 1935 and

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  • Vnt Turbo

    Vnt Turbo

    VNT turbo " The Garret Aviation VNT-25 The idea of forced air induction by turbine, or turbo, is not new and has it's mass production roots in WWII fighter planes. What is new, however, is its application to passenger automobiles. Unlike a near constant high RPM fighter engine, an automobile

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  • Volcano


    VOLCANO [volcano] vents or fissures in the earth's crust through which gases, molten rock, or lava , and solid fragments are discharged. Their study is called volcanology. The term volcano is commonly applied both to the vent and to the conical mountain (cone) built up around the vent by the

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  • Volcano


    On one cloudless September night, I was heading to my home in Rochester from Buffalo. On the way home, I merged onto I-390 N from I-90 E and saw a lot of the Northern part of the sky. Once it was time to come back to school I decided to

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  • Volcano Facts

    Volcano Facts

    Volcano Facts Hot! Fire! Destruction! These are words that most people associate with volcanoes. But some good effects can come out of volcanoes. Volcanoes also have their own special mythology associated with them. A lot of volcanoes have some general characteristics in common. There are many volcanoes around the world

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  • Volcanoes


    Rico Santacruz Interpersonal Communication Conflict Paper Have you ever been faced with a problem of choosing between two people, and you know what the right decision and you do it, but you know that someone is going to get hurt. Well this is what I was faced with at the

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  • Volcanoes


    The Greek word for shaking, and when applied to earth, is siesmos, thus the science of earthquakes is called seismology (The World Book 1985). Earthquakes are a huge catastrophe, and because of their unpredictable occurrence and enormous capacity of destruction, they have brought fear to people for centuries. They consist

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  • Volcanologists


    Volcanoes--sinister and dangerous creations that wreak havoc and death, demanding fear and reverence from all. But yet, people show none. They have busy lives and don't have time for "silly" things such as destructive volcanic eruptions. On top of that, they have all seen the movies in which people

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  • Von Hippel-Lindau Syndrome

    Von Hippel-Lindau Syndrome

    Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome is one of over 7000 known inherited diseases. It is an autosomal dominant disease that affects about 10% of the population.1 The history of VHL reaches back to 1864 when scattered reports of knots of blood vessels known as hemangioblastomas on the retina surfaced and were

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  • Vrb Energy

    Vrb Energy

    The VRB Energy Storage System (VRB-ESS) is an electrical energy storage system based on the patented vanadium-based redox regenerative fuel cell that converts chemical energy into electrical energy. Energy is stored chemically in different ionic forms of vanadium in a dilute sulphuric acid electrolyte. The electrolyte is pumped from separate

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  • Vx Gas

    Vx Gas

    VX gas is one of the dangerous chemicals created for purposes of warfare. It was developed in Port Down, Wiltshire, England in 1952. The British traded the technology of VX with the United States for information on thermonuclear weapons. Its chemical formula is CH3CH2O-P(O)(CH3)-SCH2CH2N(C3H7)2 and is normally in its liquid

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  • Wagners Theory on Conventional Drift

    Wagners Theory on Conventional Drift

    Wegener's persuasive essay Dear German geologists. I have a very important matter that I must bring to you today. I have made a theory that I think will change the way the hole world looks at the land we live on in this present day. My theory is that all

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  • Walmart Case

    Walmart Case

    Making the company a better place to work; starts with the philosophy of making better possible. Good training has been a success resulting in three fourths of management starting out as an hourly associate. Wal-Mart has an open door policy in place to meet the customer and associates' needs. There

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