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Basic Science in a Nutshell

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Diffusion is the process of particles (particularly cells) moving from one area of lesser concentration to an area of higher concentration. A good example of diffusion would be dropping a drop of blood into water, the effect would result with the water all turning a reddish color and therefore the blood cells moved to an area of lesser concentration until equilibrium was reached. Another good example would be when somebody sprays a fragrance; it eventually travels to one side of the room from where it was sprayed. Well if that was the case then why wouldn't somebody in Boston smell it if it was sprayed in Tampa? Well the answer to that is that there are so many molecules traveling through the air that the fragrance molecules just bounce off of other molecules until they just die out. Now we move onto the topic of Kinetic Energy, Kinetic Energy is an effect of motion, for example, when water is heated, the molecules get hot and therefore gain kinetic energy. The Kinetic energy then increases and increases until it becomes enough to turn into the gaseous state of water (steam). It's really amazing the way things work on a scientific aspect, I mean 500 years ago who would have thought that we were made up of tiny particle called cells? I think its amazing how they work and what their functions are. Another thing that interests me in science is the muscles, especially involuntary muscles; there are two types of muscles, voluntary and involuntary muscles. Involuntary muscles are muscles that you cannot control like for instance, your heart, you can't control the way it beats or how many times it can beat, well if you don't take sneezing into effect, being since when you sneeze, your heart stops. Voluntary muscles are muscles that you can control, like for instance, the bicep.



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