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Adaptation is when an organism accommodates

to sudden changes in its

environment. It's when it alterates its behavior or it's body structure to make it more

suitable for the new conditions. When an organism's environment changes that organism

must adjust to the changes or it will not survive for much longer. Without adaptation

most organisms on Earth would be extinct.

Adaptation starts when environmental conditions suddenly change in an

organism's environment. When this happens the organism must adjust to survive. This

process may take days or it could be over many generations. It depends on how harsh

or extreme the conditions are.

One kind of adapatation is evolutionary adaptations. Evolutionary adaptation is

the result of competition among individuals of a particular species over many

generations in response to it's changing environment. Certain traits are taken by natural

selection, favoring the individual organisms that produce the most offspring.

This process would be good for humans because if the environment in which a

human lives changes then it will depend on how that human being adapts to the changes

that will determine how long he or she lives and how long the species will survive in

that area. Adaptation is a natural part of an organisms life. There will always be some

kind of change to adjust to to make it more liveable.

Adaptation is not harmful to animals. The change it undergoes, whether it be a

change in behavior or in its body structure, is strictly for the organism's benefit.

Without it, many creatures would not survive new conditions. Conditions



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