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  • Underage Smoking

    Underage Smoking

    In today's world there are many moral issues that take place in society as well as in the business world. On Friday, February 4, 2000, the Washington Post printed an article titled "Underage Smoking Fine Sought for Big Tobacco." Currently and in the past, the tobacco industry has fought many

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  • Understanding Anxiety

    Understanding Anxiety

    Anxiety is an emotional and physical reaction to a threat, whether it is real or imagined. It is an unpleasant emotional state, which ranges from a vague uneasiness to intense fear or even overwhelming panic attacks. Thoughts and emotions associated with anxiety include apprehension, dread, fear, irritability and uneasiness; often

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  • Understanding Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease

    Understanding Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease

    Understanding Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease Dealing with Dementia and the progression of Alzheimer\'s disease through its three stages is often a daunting and distressing task. Most often relatives feel isolated and without help as if they were to be left alone, having no help to deal with the "unknown". They

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  • Understanding Diabetes and Its Complications

    Understanding Diabetes and Its Complications

    Understanding Diabetes and Its Complications An estimated 16 million people in the United States have diabetes-more than one third are not aware that they have the disease. This year alone, more than 798,000 cases will be diagnosed. Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death by disease in the United

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  • Understanding Digital Biology

    Understanding Digital Biology

    UNDERSTANDING DIGITAL BIOLOGY Explaining digital biology is impossible without explaining its principle. The purpose of this text is not to report experimental results. Rather, it tries to explain to laymen, in the simplest terms, this radically new approach to biology. We hope it will be useful to all, scientists or

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  • Understanding Pulmonary Hypertension

    Understanding Pulmonary Hypertension

    Understanding Pulmonary Hypertension The human body is a very complex organism composed of different types of systems and functions. All the functions that each system has, is what makes possible for the body to obtain life. One of the most important systems in one’s body is the circulatory system, where

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  • Understanding the Brain

    Understanding the Brain

    Understanding human brain Rakesh Mohan Hallen Believe it or not, the biggest challenge to the best brains in the world today is to understand and emulate the brain. It is the center of perception whether of the universe or the self. No wonder we strive to understand it. Our efforts

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  • Underwater Surveying Techniques

    Underwater Surveying Techniques

    Singh, Hanumant; Adams, Jonathan; Mindell, David; and Foley, Brendan 2000 Imaging Underwater for Archaeology. Journal of Field Archaeology volume 27 number 3: 319-328. The article by the various authors listed above concentrated on the various techniques that are used to locate and then to excavate these sites. They list and

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  • Unidentified Flying Object

    Unidentified Flying Object

    If you had mentioned seeing a Unidentified Flying Object (UFO), or spaceship from another planet 100 years ago, you would probably be thought of as a raving lunatic. If you had mentioned one 50 years ago, the case would be thought about, but with much suspicion. Today, many people would

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  • Universe


    It is always a mystery about how the universe began, whether if and when it will end. Astronomers construct hypotheses called cosmological models that try to find the answer. There are two types of models: Big Bang and Steady State. However, through many observational evidences, the Big Bang theory can

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  • Universe


    Two profound advances in our understanding of the universe date from the 1920s. One was the discovery that the universe is expanding, and that it is immensely larger than our Milky Way galaxy. The other was the revolutionary change from classical to quantum mechanics. The wider implications of these advances

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  • Unknown Lab Report

    Unknown Lab Report

    Unknown Lab Report April 25th, 2006 Introduction The purpose of this lab was to identify two unknown bacteria cultures using various differential tests. The identification of these unknown cultures was accomplished by separating and differentiating possible bacteria based on specific biochemical characteristics. Whether the tests performed identified specific enzymatic

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  • Unknown Lab Report for Microbiology

    Unknown Lab Report for Microbiology

    There are many reasons for identifying an unknown bacterium. The reasons range from medical purposes, such as determining if the unknown could cause ailments in living things or knowing what microorganisms are needed to make antibiotics to other purposes such as knowing the exact microorganism has to be used to

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  • Unknown Lab Report Grading Guidelines

    Unknown Lab Report Grading Guidelines

    Cover Page (5 points) ____Your name and lab section (2 pts) ____Unknown # and genus and species of unknown correctly spelled and italicized (3 pts) Gram Stain (20 points) ____Correctly stained smear with individual organisms demonstrated using 100x objective (5 pts) ____Description of what you see in words including Gram

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  • Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe

    Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe

    Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe Increasing our knowledge of Physics, using the scientific method to make observations and test hypotheses is essential to unlocking the secrets of the universe. Energy is one of the most fundamental elements of the universe. Throughout history, man has endeavored to expose, understand, and

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  • Unprofessional Conduct

    Unprofessional Conduct

    Unprofessional Conduct. Unprofessional Conduct according to the Arkansas State Board of Nursing is detailed in ASBN Rules and Regulations, Chapter 7, Section XV, #6. The section states the following conduct are considered unprofessional. Failing to assess, evaluate, and intervene, Incorrect documentation, Missappropriation of residents property, Medication and Treatment errors, Performing

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  • Unprotected Sex

    Unprotected Sex

    unprotected sex Having unprotected sex can lead to many problems for your body. You could catch an infection from your sexual partner or could become pregnant. In order to avoid these problems you could use a condom. This will stop you from catching a disease or becoming pregnant. Sexually Transmitted

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  • Untying the Knot

    Untying the Knot

    Human beings have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and an urgent drive for understanding. The further we go on our quest for absolute truth and the deeper we plunge into the heart of the ultimate reality, the more profound our questions become. Could there be something more to this world

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  • Upper Extremity Muscles

    Upper Extremity Muscles

    Upper Extremity Muscles II Compartments * Divided by lateral and medial intermuscular septum * Anterior and posterior * Anterior compartment * 3 nerves: * Ulnar * Medial * Musculocutaneous * Terminates anterior part of brachium * Biceps brachii (brachium) * Two heads: * Long: biarticular (crosses 2 joints) muscle →

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  • Uranium


    Uranium was discovered by Martin Heinrich Klaproth, a German chemist, in the mineral pitchblende (primarily a mix of uranium oxides) in 1789.Klaproth, as well as the rest of the scientific community, believed that the substance he extracted from pitchblende was pure uranium, it was actually uranium dioxide (UO2). After noticing

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  • Uranium/ Special Nuclear Material

    Uranium/ Special Nuclear Material

    SPECIAL NUCLEAR MATERIA L "Special nuclear material" (SNM) is defined by Title I of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 as plutonium, uranium-233, or uranium enriched in the isotopes uranium-233 or uranium-235. In 1789, Uranium was discovered in the mineral called pitchblende, by a German chemist named Martin Klaproth.

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  • Uranus


    The bland aquamarine face of Uranus bears witness to the fact that Uranus is enshrouded in clouds. The planet appears to be blue-green because the atmosphere absorbs the, red wavelengths of the visible spectrum, . The uniformity of the planet's appearance confirms that the planet's atmosphere is composed almost solely

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  • Uranus (not Finished)

    Uranus (not Finished)

    Because Uranus is the 7th planet from the sun, not only is it cold, but it's barely visible too. During the night the only way you can see it is through binoculars or telescope; sometimes on a clear night it's visible to the naked eye. Even from the planet

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  • Urban Options

    Urban Options

    MY VISIT TO “URBAN OPTIONS” On January 5, 2006, I drove down the cloudy streets of downtown East Lansing in my dad’s partially rusted ’94 Ford Ranger XLT, finally resting in a quaint old house behind City Hall. The sign out front read “Urban Options”. I was enamored at first;

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  • Urinary and Digestive System

    Urinary and Digestive System

    CH. 16 Digestive and Urinary System Lesson 1: The Digestive System Terms: q Digestion: q Absorption: q Elimination: q Mastication: q Peristalsis: q Gastric Juices: q Bile: Functions of the Digestive System: q Digestion, Absorption, and Elimination. q Digestion occurs in the digestive tract which includes: 1. Mouth: Mastication occurs

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  • Use of Geometric Cues in Spatial Reorientation

    Use of Geometric Cues in Spatial Reorientation

    Experiment Report Name: Jin Yan Major: Psychology No: 2015214121 Report time: 2017.4.24 Use of geometric cues in spatial reorientation 1. Abstract Determining one’s position within an environment is an important first step in navigation. The use of two kinds of geometric cue—the global geometric cue and the local geometric cue,

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  • Use of Statistical Information

    Use of Statistical Information

    Use of Statistical Information Statistics, as defined by Bennett, Briggs and Triola (2003) "is the science that helps us understand how to collect, organize and interpret numbers or other information (data) about some topic," (pg. 2). Statistics is an essential component in the ultimate delivery of health care. Health care

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  • Uses of Petroleum

    Uses of Petroleum

    Petroleum products are used widely in our everyday lives. They are used to power automobiles produce containers and to keep us warm. Petroleum, or crude oil is liquid composed of various organic chemicals. It is found in large quantities below the surface of Earth and is used as a

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  • Uses of Statistical Information

    Uses of Statistical Information

    Uses of Statistical Information One of healthcares top challenges today is capturing, updating, and managing a tower of patient information. Integrated clinical and management information systems have proven to be an enormous advantage in improving decision making in an in-patient hospital setting and thus creating a single resource for integrated

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  • Uses of Statistical Information

    Uses of Statistical Information

    Uses of Statistical Information Jean Matsche University of Phoenix Statistical Applications Tammy Czarnecki October 5, 2007 Uses of Statistical Information The expansion of the responsibilities of nurses, the nursing shortage, and increasing specialization make it more important than ever that nursing practice be evidence-based (Understanding Nursing Research, 2007). This

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