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  • Web Based Self-Learning System

    Web Based Self-Learning System

    �Self E-Learning System’ is an e-learning system. The main purpose of the system is to allow users to utilize online materials after registration. The whole process could be done with the basic requirement of the Personal Computer (PC), a web browser, internet connection and self motivation to finish the whole

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  • Weed Is Worse on Lungs Than Tobacco

    Weed Is Worse on Lungs Than Tobacco

    A study of 450 individuals found that people who smoke marijuana frequently but do not smoke tobacco have more health problems and miss more days of work than nonsmokers(9). Many of the extra sick days among the marijuana smokers in the study were for respiratory illnesses. Even infrequent use can

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  • Weed Kill Experiment Report

    Weed Kill Experiment Report

    WEED KILL REPORT ABSTRACT - The objective of this experiment is to determine which of three weed kill methods will be most successful in killing the Cobblers peg weed over a five day period. Two of the weed kill methods are natural - boiling water and vinegar solution. One of

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  • Weeksix


    Assignments for Week Six One In this unit, we are going to take a look at how species evolve. Do your reading and peruse the PowerPoint. Pages 260-264 discuss the four mechanisms of evolution. I would like you to tell me how these mechanisms relate to humans. For each mechanism

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  • Weight Assesment Process

    Weight Assesment Process

    C.H.A. Dommeck M. van Staaveren VERBETEREN VAN AFWEGINGSPROCESSEN BIJ BESLISSINGEN Onderzoek naar de effectiviteit van de cursus 'Omgaan met beslissingsattributen' ter verbetering van afwegingsprocess s s s s s sen bij beslissingen C.H.A. Dommeck M. van Staaveren Verbeteren van afwegingsprocess s s s s s sen bij beslissingen Onderzoek naar

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  • Weight Loss Program

    Weight Loss Program

    SCI/220 June 27, 2006 The Atkins diet has been known by many people as one of the miracle, quick results diet. This diet is known to not only allow one is lose weight rapidly, but to have the freedom of eating tasty and satisfying meals that are typically not found

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  • Weight Loss Quackery

    Weight Loss Quackery

    A. This method of weight lose includes a pill, but also diet and exercise. This diet could work and be effective because it uses other healthy resources too. The website actually says that they make personal plans for each individual to fit their lifestyle. But the website also has a

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  • Weight Management

    Weight Management

    Weight management has been thought of as only weight loss by many. Weight management covers all aspects of attaining and maintaining optimum weight for a healthy lifestyle. Health professionals now realize that prevention of weight gain as well as weight loss and improving health status are important goals. These goals

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  • Weiner Karl Heinsburg

    Weiner Karl Heinsburg

    Werner Karl Heisenberg was one of the greatest physicists of the twentieth century. He is best known as a founder of quantum mechanics, the new physics of the atomic world, and especially for the uncertainty principle in quantum theory. He is also known for his controversial role as a leader

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  • Wellness


    Wellness is defined as "The condition of good physical and mental health, especially when maintained by proper diet, exercise, and habits." To me that is an accurate but vague definition of what wellness really is. Wellness means you are free from physical diseases, be it cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity, anorexia,

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  • Wernher Von Braun

    Wernher Von Braun

    Wernher Von Braun was the second of three sons born to Baron Magnus von Braun and Baroness Emmy von Quistorp. He was born on March 23, 1912 in Wirsitz, Posen. Wernher was always a visionary, and when he was ten years old he decided his goal in life would be

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  • West Nile Virus

    West Nile Virus

    West Nile Virus The West Nile Virus is transmitted to humans and animals trough the bit of an infected mosquito. The mosquito's biological name is Flavivirus. Not that many people get sick from West Nile Virus but there are still people that end up in the hospital. To treat West

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  • West Nile Virus

    West Nile Virus

    During the past 5 years or so, there has been a dramatic increase in concern with insects' transmission of viruses. Recently, the New York and New Jersey area have both taken steps towards fighting this epidemic including: preparing antibiotics, and providing people with information to help prevent these problems.

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  • West Nile Virus

    West Nile Virus

    An emerging zoonosis is one that has not previously been recognized or is recognized in only a few populations, is swiftly expanding its territorial reach, or is rapidly increasing in incidence. It may be difficult to distinguish whether a zoonosis is emergent or resurgent. A new zoonosis is characterized by

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  • Western Lowland Gorilla

    Western Lowland Gorilla

    The results, detailed in the current issue of the science journal Current Biology, may help to explain curiously peaceful interactions among neighboring social groups. The groups were observed in new behavioral studies of the western lowland gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla). 1. The study could also provide clues about the role

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  • Whales


    Papers On 20th Century Europe - last page in subcategory - (Page 18) . Socialism As A Political Philosophy : A 5 page paper describing socialism as a political philosophy and the impact this has on Eastern and Western Europe as they enter a new stage in economic negotiations. The

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  • What Affects the Rate of Reaction?

    What Affects the Rate of Reaction?

    What affects the Rate of Reaction? The reaction I will use for this test is: 2HCl(aq) + CaCO3(s) CaCl2(aq) + CO2(g) + H2O(l) The possible variables for this experiment are the concentration of acid; the surface area of the solid reactant, the calcium carbonate by using chips or powder;

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  • What Affects the Strength of an Electromagnet?

    What Affects the Strength of an Electromagnet?

    What Affects the Strength of an Electromagnet? Aim What is the effect of increasing the current and increasing the number of coils when picking up paper clips? Definition First of all, an electromagnet has to be defined. An electromagnet can also be called a Solenoid, Which consists of a core

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  • What Are Plants Good For?

    What Are Plants Good For?

    James 3-9-07 What are plants good for? When I think of plants I think of my mom's garden or the grass or trees in the backyard. Plants these days are being used for medicines, recreation, and industrial purposes. In the medical field there are many common plants that I would

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  • What Are Some of the Different Types of Kidney Stones?

    What Are Some of the Different Types of Kidney Stones?

    What are some of the different types of kidney stones? A kidney stone develops from crystals that separate from urine and build up on the inner surfaces of the kidney. Normally, urine contains chemicals that prevent or inhibit the crystals from forming, however, in some people, stones still become formed.

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  • What Are the Ultimate Effects of Taking Ecstasy?

    What Are the Ultimate Effects of Taking Ecstasy?

    Hypothetically the only drug that should be in ecstasy is the compound MDMA. MDMA was first patented by a German chemical company which allegedly would use it as a diet pill. The company did not end up marketing the drug, and it wasn't until the 1950's that it was heard

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  • What Are Tsunamis, and What Causes Them?

    What Are Tsunamis, and What Causes Them?

    (Based on the December 26th attack) What Are Tsunamis, and What Causes Them? Tsunamis are ocean waves produced by earthquakes or underwater landslides. The word is Japanese and means "harbor wave," because of the devastating effects these waves have had on low-lying Japanese coastal communities. A tsunami is a

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  • What Are We Breathing?

    What Are We Breathing?

    Poor air quality is the culprit for the consequences that are being suffered by many human and plant communities. Air pollution, smog, or acid rain; it may be called whatever you like, it is the effects that it is causing that are important. Although many people associate smog with

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  • What Are We Really Eating?

    What Are We Really Eating?

    Bradis McGriff ENVS10 Dr. Williams Rough Draft March 16, 2006 What Are We Really Eating? Everything that we eat has some form of an unnatural chemical in the product. As of late I have been considering only eating organic foods because not only is it healthier, but it is safer.

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  • What Biology Means to Me

    What Biology Means to Me

    Biology is the study of life. Without biology, we would have no idea about an organism’s makeup, or the most basic unit of life, a cell. It plays a very important role in our lives. It teaches us how our body functions and how we can take care of it.

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  • What Cause Mutation and What Are Some of the Possible Results of Genetic Mutation?

    What Cause Mutation and What Are Some of the Possible Results of Genetic Mutation?

    What cause mutation and what are some of the possible results of genetic mutation? In biology, term- mutation has been described as changes to the base pair sequence of the genetic material of an organism. Mutations can be caused by: copying errors in the genetic material during cell division, by

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  • What Caused the Hindenburg Explosion

    What Caused the Hindenburg Explosion

    The Hindenburg was a luxury airship, from nazi Germany. This "Titanic of the skies" (no pun intended) was destroyed by a flash fire in 1937 while landing in New Jersey after making its 10th transatlantic crossing. Thirty-five of the 97 people aboard and one ground crew member were killed

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  • What Causes Acid Rain?

    What Causes Acid Rain?

    What Causes Acid Rain? One of the main causes of acid rain is sulfur dioxide. Natural sources, which emit this gas, are Volcanoes, sea spray, rotting vegetation and plankton. However, the burning of fossil fuels, such as Coal and oil, are largely to be blamed for approximately half of

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  • What Conditions to Keep Chips in Overnight

    What Conditions to Keep Chips in Overnight

    Background Information. I think that this practical will be based on osmosis because ,Osmosis is the random movement of water molecules from a high concentration to a low concentration . This will then happen between the chips and the liquid in the McCarthy bottles . This already tells us that

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  • What Does Healthy Food Mean to You?

    What Does Healthy Food Mean to You?

    What does healthy food mean to you? Abstract This paper talks about the results of the survey “Healthy Food” in Kuwait. Comparisons and interpretation were made to a related previous studies performed in Serbia. Furthermore, the original study examined healthy eating habits amongst the population of Serbia, therefore in this

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