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The Operation of the Bunsen Burner

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Essay Preview: The Operation of the Bunsen Burner

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The operation of the Bunsen burner


Station #2

Period 1

Many kinds of gas burners are used in the laboratory. The name Bunsen burner is applied to many, even thought the burner first made by Robert Bunsen is rarely used in lab. The burner used most often in the lab is properly called a Tyrel burner. A large Meeker burner is also used at times.

Procedure : See attached sheet.


4 - Describe the appearance of the flame : The flame is a short blue flame, it is a non-luminous flame.

5 - Observe any changes in the appearance of the flame : The flame changed to a yellow color, a luminous flame.

7 - Place the test tube in the flame, are there any differences in the flame : The flame burns around the test tube.

8 - Observe any unusual changes in the appearance of the splint : The splint becomes burnt and charred, blackened.

Teacher Demonstrations :

12 - Match Head Observation - When the match head is placed in the inner cone of the burner it does not get lit by the flame because the inner core does not got hot, it is very cool. Once the match head is pushed to the outer core, it will become lit because it comes in direct contact with the heat and the flame.

Summary :

1 - When the air supply is abundant the flame of the burner is blue and is a non-luminous flame. When there is a limited air supply the flame is yellow and luminous.

2 - The inner core of a blue flame is filled with gases that keep it cold and keep it from becoming heated and on fire. The outer core however is where the flame and heat is generated.

3 -



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