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  • Pocahontas and the Mythical Indian Woman: Reforming the Image Through Native American Fiction

    Pocahontas and the Mythical Indian Woman: Reforming the Image Through Native American Fiction

    POCAHONTAS AND THE MYTHICAL INDIAN WOMAN: REFORMING THE IMAGE THROUGH NATIVE AMERICAN FICTION Pocahontas. Americans know her as the beautiful, Indian woman who fell in love with the white settler John Smith and then threw her body upon the poor white captive to protect him from being brutally executed by

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  • Pochantas


    Matoaka, also known as Pocahontas which meant "playful one", was born on the year 1595. The book that I had read was Pocahontas: Medicine Woman, Spy, Entrepreneur, Diplomat by Paula Gunn Allen. It was published by HarperCollins Publisher Inc. in 10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022 on the

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  • Pochantas


    Shruti Potdar The Disney movie Pocahontas was released in 1995. Ever since then, many people know of Pocahontas from the Disney movie. The movie depicts the romance of Pocahontas, daughter of a Native American tribe chief and English soldier, John Smith when English colonists invade Virginia in 16th century. However,

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  • Poetry 17th Century

    Poetry 17th Century

    During the seventeenth century, many religious and political changes occurred. Cavalier poetry erupted using themes such as love, war, loyalty to the king, and carpe diem. Marvell speaks to his prudish mistress in 'To His Coy Mistress.' Herrick attempts to persuade Corinna to seize the day in 'Corinna's Going A-Maying.'

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  • Poetry Research

    Poetry Research

    In the past, human nature has deprived humans of reaching their goal of equality. Human nature makes people prejudice and tend to judge people as something that they are not. One example is the inhumane treatment of the Jews, especially during the Holocaust. Between 1939 and 1945, nearly six

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  • Police Brutality

    Police Brutality

    As of now we experience a daily reality such that has developed to a state where regardless of what race, religion, or sexual orientation we have learned to accept each other and progress as equals. However things were not generally like this before women were being considered only as tools,

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  • Police Misconduct

    Police Misconduct

    Police Misconduct Winston-Salem State University Law enforcement officers are alleged to have engaged in 2,854 cases of misconduct in April through September of 2009. (National Police Misconduct Statistics and Reporting Project [NPMSRP], 2009) This would mean that there were over 5,000 cases of police misconduct in that year alone. Police

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  • Political Cartoons and Republicans

    Political Cartoons and Republicans

    Introduction The Republican Party was founded by a coalition in 1854 and was comprised of former members of the Whig, Free-Soil, and Know-Nothing parties. The slavery issue shattered America's established political landscape and catapulted the Republicans from what seemed like nowhere straight into the White House in 1860. After Fremont's

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  • Political Climate of the 1950

    Political Climate of the 1950

    In the beginning of McCarthyism, Republican Joseph R. McCarthy had no intentions on being truthful when it came to politics. After my reading, I found that Mr. McCarthy took advantage of an opportunity at the cost of other communist dignity. The McCarthyism began in the 1950's when information was given

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  • Political Climate of the 1950s Paper

    Political Climate of the 1950s Paper

    The political, social, and economical landscape of the United States of America underwent dramatic changes during the 1950s. During this era figures and events such as the likes of: Sen. McCarthy and his crusade to "root out" communism in America, President Eisenhower's administration and his theory of dynamic conservatism, the

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  • Political Cultures

    Political Cultures

    3rd 11/16/06 Political Cultures James Madison cured the disease present in America during the seventeen eighties, at least a disease by Cosmopolitan or Federalist standards. The disease was too much, unrestrained freedom in the hands of the general population. This freedom if unchecked in Madison's and other Federalist's opinion would

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  • Political Economy and Democracy

    Political Economy and Democracy

    American Capitalism and American Democracy have always gone hand in hand for the entire history of the United States since it's founding, and many say one cannot exist without the other. Many people today commonly associate Capitalism with Democracy when asked about the United States in general. But this statement

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  • Political Influences

    Political Influences

    Throughout my life, I have been socialized to politics in a number of ways. First, the 1996 election comes to mind as the first political event I experienced. Second, the people that I am around on a day to day basis, mostly my parents, have had an affect on my

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  • Political Paper

    Political Paper

    The views of Americans on politics specifically the political institutions are been on the negative side for some time now. The political atmosphere is one that most citizens don't understand or sympathize with, and as time has gone on the opinion on politics by citizens has been skeptical. The reason

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  • Political Sciene - Scotus Cases

    Political Sciene - Scotus Cases

    The issue in the case Marbury v. Madison (1803) was whether or not the Supreme Court of the United States had the power, under Article III, Section 2, of the Constitution, to interpret the constitutionality of a law or statue passed by Congress. This matter was brought forth to SCOTUS

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  • Politicians of the Gilded Age

    Politicians of the Gilded Age

    Politicians during this time period worried more about ensuring their own financial success, securing votes by any means, granting jobs or favors in return for votes, and remaining popular. They were not concerned with social issues, but supported or crushed these issues in accordance with the decision that would benefit

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  • Politicla Ideology

    Politicla Ideology

    A survey can be defined as a gathering of a sample of data or opinions considered to be representative of a whole. Such as when the United States government polls a random selection of people throughout the country to get an accurate reading of the people's overall prospective of what

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  • Politics


    Politics Abolishing the war Since the terrible events preceding the Great War, leave of nations has banded together to form the Kellogg-Briand Pact. After a long year of strife, 62 nations have finally decided to ratify it. Sorrowfully we regret that no one expects that this pact will be a

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  • Politics of Founding Fathers

    Politics of Founding Fathers

    Politics of the Founding Fathers Both the Federalists, those promoting a strong central government, and the Anti-federalists, those believing that liberties including the right of self-rule would be protected best by preservation of local self-government, agreed that arms and liberty were in no doubt linked. The first discussion in which

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  • Populism and Progressivism

    Populism and Progressivism

    Populism and Progressivism I. The Populist Party A. Background: What changes were taking place in agriculture in the U.S. between 1870 and 1900? 1. Mechanization- machine were replacing people and animals of doing agricultural. Tractors being developed produced right after civil war. Problems: need money to own tractors, banks

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  • Populist Party

    Populist Party

    The Populist Party was a short-lived political party in the United States in the late 19th century. It flourished particularly among western farmers, based largely on its opposition to the gold standard. Although the party did not remain a lasting feature of the political landscape, many of its positions have

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  • Position Paper

    Position Paper

    Fellow Congressmen, I address you today to convince you of the present pressing issue concerning the annexation of the Philippines. The Philippines must be taken by the U.S., gentlemen. As I speak to you now, there are German vessels off the coast of the Philippines waiting for the moment in

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  • Post Civil War

    Post Civil War

    The influence of big business played a key role before the civil war in the United States. Industries cultivated expressively in impact, quantity, and size. The power large corporations had were absolutely habitually negative. Employees had to work in horrific conditions under ruthless bosses, while they were treated like zombies.

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  • Post Traumatic Stress in Vietnam

    Post Traumatic Stress in Vietnam

    Post Traumatic Stress in Vietnam Veterans For more than twenty years, Patricia Dietz, a wife of a Vietnam veteran, has suffered along with her husband the effects of post traumatic stress disorder. She has stated that, "It has changed everything; it has affected the rest of his and her life."

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  • Post War Southern Mentality

    Post War Southern Mentality

    Matthew HIST 4315 Book Review Post War Southern Mentality Thomas L. Connelly and Barbara L. Bellows's God and General Longstreet: The Lost Cause And The Southern Mind effectively examines numerous characteristics within the mental process of southerners and their leaders before, during, and particularly after the Civil War. This text

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  • Poverty Among Women

    Poverty Among Women

    For centuries, gender, race, ethnicity, and age, have contributed to the social stratification of persons in society, and more specifically, for the means of this essay, women in society. In the United States for example, gender and age greatly contribute to whether or not one will be subject to

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  • Power and Privilege: How and Why Is a Social Group Represented in a Particular Way?

    Power and Privilege: How and Why Is a Social Group Represented in a Particular Way?

    Outline Prescribed Question: Power and Privilege: How and why is a social group represented in a particular way? Title of text for analysis: Coates, Ta Nehisi. "Letter to My Son." The Atlantic. Atlantic Media Company, 4 July 2015. Web. 14 Nov. 2016. <>. Task is related to course section: Part

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  • Pre 1914 Prose

    Pre 1914 Prose

    Pre 1914 Prose Prose is the writing style of text such as a story and in this essay I will evaluate the use of the writing style in pre 1914 mystery prose and the way in which it is creates an effective atmosphere for the reader and how different to

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  • Pre-Revolutionary Americans

    Pre-Revolutionary Americans

    Pre-Revolutionary Americans Historically, conflicts entail two defined sides; in the Seven Years' War, started in the colonies, the English fought the French for the Ohio River Valley. The outcomes dealt personally with how the people of the English colonies defined their futures. A pioneering people, these colonists achieved a certain

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  • Preamble and Articles of the United States Constitution

    Preamble and Articles of the United States Constitution

    Preamble and Articles of the United States Constitution The First Amendment to the Constitution that is most relevant to me personally is the religious clause which says Congress cannot make any law preventing or forbidding my ability to freely exercise religion. When I think about religion; most of what I

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