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  • Media During Gulf War

    Media During Gulf War

    The Gulf War was a heavily televised war. For the first time people all over the world were able to watch live pictures of missiles hitting their targets and fighters taking off from aircraft carriers. Allied forces were keen to demonstrate the accuracy of their weapons. In the United States,

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  • Megan's Law

    Megan's Law

    Megan's Law has had a profound effect on not only convicted sex offenders and prosecutors, but also on the community including real estate brokers and apartment owners. Megan's Law is a collection of statutes that were passed in 1994 in response to the death of Megan Kanka, who was killed

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  • Meh


    Welcome eveyone to the poetry festival-perspectives on Autralian cultural identity. I chose to present this concept through works of John Tranter. An amazing poet who presents his ideas about life through words, especially poetry. I will be using two of his poems. Debbie and co and backyard. I wil base

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  • Melba Patillo Beals

    Melba Patillo Beals

    Throughout the mid 1900s, many African American citizens were still not secured equal rights within America. An example of this is shown in 1954, in Little Rock, Arkansas, when Arkansas's Governor Orval Faubus defied the ruling of the Supreme Court's decision to put an end to segregated schools ("Melba

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  • Melting Pot of America

    Melting Pot of America

    Melting Pot of America Migrations As Population grew during the Paleolithic period, people wanted more space to live a roam about. Since they didn't have a stable place to live, they were always moving and finding better places. Evidence indicates that the first peoples to migrate into America, coming from

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  • Melville and Nathaniel Hawthorne

    Melville and Nathaniel Hawthorne

    In the summer of 1850 Melville purchased an eighteenth-century farmhouse in the community of Pittsfield in Berkshire County, Massachusetts. Berkshire was then home to a number of prominent literary figures such as Fanny Kemble, Oliver Wendell Holmes, James Russell Lowell, and, in Lenox, less than six miles from Melville, Nathaniel

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  • Memorial Day

    Memorial Day

    What is the first thing that goes though your mind when you hear the words Memorial Day? What does it mean to you? What symbolization does it hold in you? Ladies and gentlemen, sadly enough, the true meaning of Memorial Day has been seemingly lost by the majority of Americans

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  • Mercantilism


    Mercantilism Mercantilism was an economic system of the major trading nations, based on the idea that national wealth and power would enhance by increasing exports and decreasing imports from foreign lands. It is the idea that one nation could grow rich at the expense of another. Europe for example

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  • Mercantilism


    While reading my Unites States History textbook, I ran upon the word "Mercantilism". But what does mercantilism really mean? An example of mercantilism would be like this: A colony produces tobacco. The tobacco is then shipped back to the mother country and made into cigarettes. The mother country then

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  • Messiah of Masses

    Messiah of Masses

    In the book Messiah of the Masses: Huey P. Long and the Great Depression, it describes and outlines the life of Huey Pierce Long. In chapter one, the author (Glen Jeansonne) begins to talk about Long's childhood days. Long was born on August 30, 1893 in Winnfield, Louisiana. Winnfield was

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  • Mexican Immigration

    Mexican Immigration

    Mexican Immigration Mexicans are a pretty common people to come to America. Their country is right under ours, yet America is a much better place to be. We have a lot more opportunities here and a lot better jobs with far better pay. My step dad lived In Mexico and

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  • Mexican Revolution

    Mexican Revolution

    Assignment 1: Major Causes of the revolution in Mexico. Based on John Tutino, From Insurrection to Revolution in Mexico The Mexican Revolution (1910-1917) was caused by a variety of factors. It is impossible to place the blame on one single event or person because of the complexity of the Mexican

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  • Michigan Versus Hawaii Football Game

    Michigan Versus Hawaii Football Game

    Michigan versus Hawaii Football Game Final Score: MI: HA: Football is a big business in our society and especially in Michigan, well actually, all over the United States. The cost of going to school at the University of Michigan is very high and if the team does not win, they

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  • Midterm Passage

    Midterm Passage

    "A cold lucid indifference reigned in his soul. At his first violent sin he had felt a wave of vitality pass out of him and had feared to find his body or his soul maimed by the excess. Instead the vital wave had carried him on its bosom out of

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  • Migration


    Throughout our nation's history, important migrations or movements of people with in the united states have occurred. these migrations have had a significant impact on both the people who moved and on American society. there were plenty of difficulties because of the migrations, and there were plenty of different reason

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  • Mills' on Liberty

    Mills' on Liberty

    Mill's On Liberty was written almost two hundred years after Hobbes's masterpiece (The Leviathan), and, as Mill says at the very beginning of his argument, by that time some liberal principles, like freedom of the press, are now so firmly entrenched that he feels no need to defend them. Certainly

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  • Mine


    When you were a kid, didn't you want to play a professional sport? What would you give to be one of the best athletes in the world? Would you risk your reputation? Your health? Would you be willing to die? Although many studies have come out saying that steroids diminish

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  • Minorities Achieve Legal Equality

    Minorities Achieve Legal Equality

    The segregation era of the late 1800s and early 1900s consisted of limited voting rights, unequal school funding, segregation in water fountains, cemeteries, prisons, trains, waiting rooms, restaurants, elevators, hospitals, public bathrooms and even churches for the colored. The segregation sparked violence. The minorities began associations and held protests

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  • Mise En Scene Casablanca

    Mise En Scene Casablanca

    Ryan Skura Professor Hanson Film Appreciation 26 September, 2014 Mise en Scene Casablanca Casablanca is a movie that takes place in the city of Casablanca during World War Two. One of main characters, Rick, owns a very popular nightclub. Everything is going decent for Rick, until his ex girlfriend, Ilsa

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  • Mission Santa Clara De Asis

    Mission Santa Clara De Asis

    Getting There: To get to Mission Santa Clara de Asis begin by heading North on Highway 99 for about 35 miles. After passing Madera merge onto Highway 152 West on the left toward Los Banos and Gilroy. Los Banos is a great place to stop and get snacks or take

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  • Mission Santa Ines

    Mission Santa Ines

    My report is on Mission Santa Ines which is 35 miles north of Santa Barbara among the rolling hills near the Santa Ynez River. The mission was established September 17, 1804 by Father Estevan Tapis as the 19th mission along El Camino Real. In the early 1700's, the country of

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  • Mississippi River

    Mississippi River

    The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a novel that centers on a journey down the Mississippi River. An integral part of the story, the river takes Huck and Jim to different towns to experience many adventures. The river is also an important part of American history and has an interesting

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  • Missouri Compromise

    Missouri Compromise

    The forefathers of our country had many ideals on the inherent inalienable rights of man, although this did not hold true for all peoples. Our country practiced slavery of the African. The agricultural economy of the south required the labor of slaves to complete their work. The Northwest Ordinance of

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  • Missouri Compromise

    Missouri Compromise

    Missouri Compromise In 1819, the territory of Missouri applied for statehood. It was the first new state to be taken from the land acquired in the Louisiana Purchase. The issue of Missouri attempting to become a state sparked much debate and controversy. The debate in Congress was mainly about

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  • Missouri Compromise and Compromise of 1850

    Missouri Compromise and Compromise of 1850

    There were many rational and somewhat compromising decisions and actions made by those who opposed slavery during the events of the Missouri compromise and the compromise of 1850. These compromises were meant to stop or slow the spread of slavery to the northern states of the United States. The Missouri

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  • Mlk Synoposis

    Mlk Synoposis

    The "I have a dream" speech was one of the most famous speeches delivered by Dr. Martin Luther King and one of the most famous speeches of all time. Dr. King delivered this speech on August 28, 1963 at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. More than 200,000 people were

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  • Mob Turncoat Put Hit on Himself

    Mob Turncoat Put Hit on Himself

    Mob turncoat put hit on himself By; Patricia Hurtado Michael DiLeonardo, a high ranking Gambino crime family member testified for the government of his son's refusal to join him in protective custody. DiLeonardo, a former capo, attempted to end his life after he had to testify against close friends, including

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  • Moby-Dick


    Hawthorne and His Mosses and Moby-Dick are brought together through several themes that are reflected in both of Melville's literary works. The correlating themes that are illustrated in both works compliment one another and help in understanding Ishmael's first person narrative of his experience at sea. In the four themes

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  • Modern Cars

    Modern Cars

    Modern Cars We ask ourselves every time we see heavy traffic, is there no variance anymore amongst car models? In the old days, as a matter of fact only five ore ten years ago every single car brand seemed to have it's own personality, today they look more like a

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  • Modern Warefare

    Modern Warefare

    This is a Mills Bomb; a grenade developed by William Mills in 1915 that was used by British troops. It has a central spring-loaded firing pin and spring-loaded lever locked by a pin. Once the pin was released, and the grenade was in the air, the lever flew up and

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