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Early North America

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* European Explorers

The big geographical economic driver that supported Virginia and other British colonies in North America was tobacco. Trade and cultivation was the main usage of this crop. Culturally, the religious aspects became a major factor. Groups of colonists came to America searching for asylum to practice their religious beliefs without any kind of persecution. After Calvinism was created some Europeans began to drift away from their Orthodox practices. Many immigrants came for economic reasons as well, such as farms and marriage.

* French Vs. Environment

The French were interested in fur trade - they purchased fur and became very close with Native American tribes. The French made friends with the natives not just for fur, however. They were outnumbered by these tribes and realized that they had to make friends. The French had no plans for battle and they didn't have any weapons either. Not only were they interested in fur, they also were interested in a water passage.

* English vs. Environment

The main crop of interest was tobacco. The British also competed with the French for fur trade with Native Americans. Now that the English had received New France New France became the Canadas. The English also acquired New Netherland, now New York.

* Native Americans vs. Europeans and Americans

Our and European western influence changed their culture completely. Weapons such as guns had never seen the light of day in old North America. We brought over disease, violence, rules and laws that would change their cultural way of life forever all the while taking over their land. Some of laws even banned certain native American ceremonies. Of course, a majority of these unfortunate events were unintentional. We as western society never thought about the consequences of coming over, yet alone disease. Guns segregated groups of Native Americans and made some more or less powerful.



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