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  • Jamestown: The First English Colony

    Jamestown: The First English Colony

    Jamestown: The first English colony In spite of the many Indian massacres, Jamestown still grew to be a successful colony. The London Company was the main founder of Jamestown. The London Company's founders believed that there were precious metals in America so they sent a group of settlers to

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  • Jamica


    First published in the June 26, 1978, issue of The New Yorker, "Girl" was the first of what would become more than a dozen short stories Jamaica Kincaid published in that magazine. Five years later, "Girl" appeared as the opening story in Kincaid's collection of stories, At the Bottom of

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  • Jane Addams

    Jane Addams

    Jane Addams was born in Cedarville, Illinois in 1860. She grew up in a very traditional family. Her parents had hoped for her to be an ordinary housewife with kids, but Jane didn't see why her father and brothers had the opportunity to learn about math and science, and she

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  • Japan - Why America Forgave Them

    Japan - Why America Forgave Them

    The atrocities committed in World War II (WWII) were numerous on both sides. However the monstrosities committed in the Philippines at many of the American POW (prisoner of war) camps far outweighed that of their counterparts on American soil. Somehow, though, America seemed to forgive them. Why? It seems

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  • Japan and Its Unique Pre-Industrialization

    Japan and Its Unique Pre-Industrialization

    Pablo Melendez Dr. Luke Franks History 370 April 18, 2019 Japan and its Unique Pre-Industrialization Understanding the development of Japan’s industrialization requires analyzing their unique history. The Tokugawa era (1603-1868), formally known as the Edo period, became the center stage for Japan’s pre-modern growth. The economic progression of Japan was

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  • Japan Vs. United States Economy Policy

    Japan Vs. United States Economy Policy

    In order for Japan to achieve its industrialization goals have a diverse set of policies ranging from limited entitlement programs to an education and government bureaucracy that stresses achievement and meritocracy. But one of the most significant innovations of Japan is its industrial policy which targets improving specific sectors of

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  • Japanese Americans Internment

    Japanese Americans Internment

    Japanese Americans internment Just a moment before the final call for flight Belgrade-London-Los Angeles, my girlfriend gave me a wrapped gift and she asked me not to open it before I arrive to my final destination. I couldn't wait so long and I opened it just after I arrived in

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  • Japanese Intern Camps

    Japanese Intern Camps

    Barabara ni naru Civilian Exclusion Order No. 79 Effective Friday 22 May 1942 On this fateful day the evacuation of 100,000(+) Japanese immigrants and Japanese American citizens during World War II were forced into incarceration (internment compounds). These compounds were placed inland throughout the Western United States. The Japanese

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  • Japanese Internment

    Japanese Internment

    After the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in December 1941, the United States was filled with panic. Along the Pacific coast of the U.S., where residents feared more Japanese attacks on their cities, homes, and businesses, this feeling was especially great. During the time preceding World War II, there were approximately

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  • Japanese Internment

    Japanese Internment

    The decision to imprison Japanese Americans was a popular one in 1942. It was supported not only by the government, but it was also called for by the press and the people. In the wake of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941, Japan was the enemy.

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  • Japanese Internment

    Japanese Internment

    On February 19th 1942, Roosevelt signed the executive order 9066. Under the terms of the order, people of Japanese descent were placed in internment camps. The United States’ justification for this abominable action was that the Japanese American’s may spy for their Homeland. Over 62% of the Japanese that were

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  • Japanese Internment Camps

    Japanese Internment Camps

    Japanese Internment Camps The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Many Americans were afraid of another attack, so the state representatives pressured President Roosevelt to do something about the Japanese who were living in the United States at the time. President Roosevelt authorized the internment with Executive Order

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  • Japanese Internment Camps in Wwii

    Japanese Internment Camps in Wwii

    Keith Salenski Jen Stauss History 201 May 31, 2005 Japanese Internment Camps in WWII For over a century, the United States has been one of the most powerful and influential states on the globe. However, every nation has made mistakes in its past. Throughout our country's history, certain groups have

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  • Jazz History in 1920

    Jazz History in 1920

    Jazz Poetry in the 1920's Jazz Poetry can be defined as poetry that demonstrates jazz-like rhythm or the feeling of improvisation. During the 1920's many poets began to experiment with the conventional forms of writing with rhythm which led to the invention of Jazz Poetry. Poetry and Jazz seemed to

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  • Jazz: America's Classical

    Jazz: America's Classical

    Jazz has been called, among other things, America's "only original form," showing it's clear cultural roots in America. In addition, jazz historians have touted jazz's pedigree as "American's Classical Music." An appreciation and analysis of jazz history forces one to question both the "American" and "Classical" descriptors that past

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  • Jean Lafitte: Pirate, Gentleman, or Privateer?

    Jean Lafitte: Pirate, Gentleman, or Privateer?

    JEAN LAFITTE: PIRATE, GENTLEMAN, OR PRIVATEER? The dictionary defines a gentleman as "a man who combines gentle birth or rank with chivalrous qualities (2): a man whose conduct conforms to a high standard of propriety or correct behavior d (1): a man of independent means who does not engage in

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  • Jefferson


    Thomas Jefferson was born in Albemarle County, Virginia in 1743. His father owned a 5,000 acre plantation. After graduating from the William and Mary College, Williamsburg, he became a lawyer. A member of the Revolutionary Party, Jefferson was elected to the Virginia House of Burgesses, in 1769. Five years later

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  • Jefferson and Hamilton

    Jefferson and Hamilton

    The post-revolutionary war period of the Unites States saw the establishment of the first party system and an enlarging gap in viewpoints between the wealthy and the common man. The contradictory views of Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson were primarily responsible for the rise of political parties from 1783-1800. Alexander

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  • Jefferson and Hamiltonian Policies

    Jefferson and Hamiltonian Policies

    Dasmen Richards October 10th, 2012 1st Period Take-Home Essay #3 The Hamiltonian and Jeffersonian movements were totally in every aspect. One wanted a more strong government but the other felt the government should just stay strong in the states. Also, Jefferson felt the states should have more power but Hamilton

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  • Jefferson and His Vision

    Jefferson and His Vision

    Jong Hwan Won English 170B Professor Michael Colacurcio May 8, 2006 ÐŽoJefferson and his VisionÐŽ± Guided by his fervent and unwavering commitment to reason and the principles of natural law and natural rights, Thomas Jefferson crafted his own unique political and social vision for the United States of America which,

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  • Jefferson and Madison Presidencies

    Jefferson and Madison Presidencies

    During the presidencies of Jefferson and Madison (1801-1817), a dual political party government was starting to form. In the Constitution, which was made in 1787, it is portrayed Jeffersonian Republicans as strict constructionists and Federalists as broad ones. It is true that the Democratic-Republicans believed in the strict construction of

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  • Jefferson and Paine

    Jefferson and Paine

    The first article Thomas Paine ever wrote was an attack on American slavery -- a plea for the rights of the blacks. Every line is full of humanity, pity, tenderness, and love of justice. Five days after this article appeared the American Anti-Slavery Society was formed. At that time great

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  • Jefferson on Jefferson

    Jefferson on Jefferson

    Jefferson was born at Shadwell in Albemarle county, Virginia, on April 13,1743. His father, Peter Jefferson and his mother Jane Randolph were members of the most famous Virginia families. Besides being well born, Thomas Jefferson, was well educated. He attended the College of William and Mary and read law (1762-1767)

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  • Jefferson Vs Hamilton Federalists Vs Republicans

    Jefferson Vs Hamilton Federalists Vs Republicans

    Federalists vs. Republicans To say the least, the Articles of Confederation were a highly inefficient means to running the country. Many ask why while the answer to that question lies within the nature of man himself. Yes, the Revolution occurred in response to the repressive temperament of the British

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  • Jefferson Vs. Madison

    Jefferson Vs. Madison

    During the presidencies of Jefferson and Madison, Republicans, such as Jefferson were seen as strict constructionists of the Constitution while Federalists, like Madison, were generally looser with their interpretations of the Constitution's literal meaning. While the constructionist ideas were part of what separated the two parties from one another, Jefferson

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  • Jeffersonian Era

    Jeffersonian Era

    DBQ Q] To what extent did the Alien and Sedation Acts of 1798 contribute to the controversy's of the 1700's A] The impact that the Alien and Sedation Acts had on the already boiling controversies of the 1700's was great. There where many important and consequential events that took

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  • Jeffersonian Republicans

    Jeffersonian Republicans

    JEFFERSONIAN DEMOCRACY Looking back on the election of 1800, Thomas Jefferson described it as being "as real a revolution in the principles of our government as that of 1776 was in its form; not effected indeed by the sword, as that, but by the rational and peaceable instrument of reform,

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  • Jeffersonian Republicans Vs. Federalists

    Jeffersonian Republicans Vs. Federalists

    As the young colonies of America broke away from their mother country and began to grow and develop into an effective democratic nation, many changes occurred. As the democracy began to grow, two main political parties developed, the Jeffersonian Republicans and the Federalists. Each party had different views on how

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  • Jeffersonian Tradition

    Jeffersonian Tradition

    The amendment process has allowed the Constitution of the United States, first established in 1787, to stand the test of time for 218 years through only 27 changes. Nonetheless, on much lesser terms not set in stone, to best suit economic or political needs between 1789 and 1815, Americans transitioned

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  • Jersey Devil: Real or Myth?

    Jersey Devil: Real or Myth?

    Imagine yourself camping in the Pine Barrens. You hear a noise and then see a strange creature lurking in the shadows. Could it be the Jersey Devil? The Legend of the Jersey Devil began in 1735, it was supposedly the thirteenth child of Mrs. Leeds. When she found out she

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