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  • Henry Flipper

    Henry Flipper

    Henry Flipper was born into slavery on March 21, 1865 in Thomasville, Georgia to Festus and Isabella Flipper. That year, Henry's father purchased their family's freedom and four years later, Henry was able to attend the American Missionary Association and Atlanta University. In 1872, Henry Flipper enrolled at the U.S.

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  • Henry Ford

    Henry Ford

    In 1915, in an effort to end World War I, he headed a privately sponsored peace expedition to Europe that failed dismally, but after the American entry into the war he was a leading producer of ambulances, airplanes, munitions, tanks, and submarine chasers. In 1918 he ran unsuccessfully for the

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  • Henry Ford and the Assembly Line

    Henry Ford and the Assembly Line

    Henry Ford and the Assembly Line Henry Ford not only invented the Model T, but also, he perfected the concept of the assembly line and mass produced cars as we know it. By doing this, people in America and soon people around the world could ravel 200 miles in a

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  • Henry James

    Henry James

    2. Henry James- his life and his work Henry James was a gifted writer, who had talents in literature, psychology and philosophy. He wrote 20 novels, 112 stories, 12 plays and a number of literary criticisms. He was, and still is, one of the greatest American novelists and critics. Being

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  • Herber Hoover Vs. Al Smith

    Herber Hoover Vs. Al Smith

    The 1928 Presidential elections was a contest between Republican nominee Herbert Hoover and Democratic nominee Al Smith. It marked the first time that a Roman Catholic, Al Smith, became a major party's nomination for US President. Despite a rather landslide victory by Herbert Hoover, 60% of the popular vote

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  • Herbert C. Hoover Case

    Herbert C. Hoover Case

    Herbert C. Hoover, formally known as the president who was in office when the Great Depression hit, was considered a conservative by many. He wanted everyone to be successful without help from the federal government and a man known for his lassiez faire economics. Franklin D. Roosevelt, the president preceding

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  • Herbert Croly in the First Person

    Herbert Croly in the First Person

    Herbert Croly I was born on January 23, 1869, in New York. Both my mother and my father were journalists. My father's name is David Croly and my mother's name is Jane Cunningham. Some of my early on goals included graduating from Harvard University, and becoming a well-known journalist, both

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  • Hercules


    HERCULES Hercules was considered one of the greatest heroes of mythology. He was known as a demi-god, and he symbolized great strength and courage. Hercules was Roman name for the greatest hero of Greek mythology. Like most authentic heroes , Hercules had a god as one of his parents, being

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  • Herman Miller Case

    Herman Miller Case

    W.L. Gore's strategic direction is an aggressive diversification strategy. The company is able to produce a variety of products in different NAICS codes using the same base technology (PTFE) in a wide variety of applications. The different sectors that W.L. Gore operates in range from the electronic products division, the

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  • Hernando De Soto

    Hernando De Soto

    Hernando de Soto was born in 1496 in Spain and died on May 21, 1542 in de Soto County, Mississippi.. He was a Spanish Explorer. His mission was to conquer and settle in the unknown territories. He participated in the conquest of Panama and took a role with the

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  • Hernando Desoto's Expedition

    Hernando Desoto's Expedition

    Hernando De Soto's Expedition Hernando and his army had a lot of impact to the natives of north America and to us now. Georgia was forever changed by the dramatic drop in native population because of all the diseases Hernando and his army brought over. Hernando was the first European

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  • Hey You

    Hey You

    course format: This course has two goals. Firstly, it examines the interaction between diverse human cultures and societies and the environments of people that practice them. It stresses the ways in which concepts developed for small-scale, non-western, pre-industrial societies are applicable to the modern world, characterized by transnationalism and globalization.

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  • Hidden Text in Morrisons Jazz

    Hidden Text in Morrisons Jazz

    In an essay that discusses Toni Morrison's authorial voice and her deconstruction of Western realist epistemology Susan Sniader Lanser focuses on the two areas that Morrison highlights in her depiction of human life and behaviour - the inexplicable, and the unknowable. The first revolves around the idea that characters and

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  • High Levels of Fascination

    High Levels of Fascination

    The Battle of Horseshoe Bend People portray high levels of fascination for war. It is considered to be one of the most popular subjects of history. This fascination of war has manifested itself in the American field rapidly in the devotion of numerous civil war historians. However, the war study

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  • Hindu Muslim Conflict

    Hindu Muslim Conflict

    Mather McKallor Hindu Muslim Conflict The tension between Muslims and Hindus has been very high for centuries and still continues to exist today. Islamic countries are near and connected to India. There is even a 12% population of Muslims in India which used to be much higher and puts them

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  • Hiroshima


    UNITED STATES HISTORY AND GOVERNMENT I. American Beginnings A. Three Worlds Meet Early American history began in the collision of European, West African and ___________ _________________ peoples in North America. Europeans "discovered" America by accident, then created _________________ out of the conquest of _________________ peoples and the enslavement of

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  • Hiroshima


    August 6, 1945, all of the characters are either engaged in their everyday activities or preparing for a possible B-29 raid. Unlike many other cities in Japan, Hiroshima has been spared any raids thus far in the war, and there are rumors that America has saved “something special” for the

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  • Hiroshima and Nagasaki -Why Did the U.S. Use the Atomic Bomb?

    Hiroshima and Nagasaki -Why Did the U.S. Use the Atomic Bomb?

    Why did the U.S. use the atomic bomb? The years leading up to World War II and the dropping of the atomic bombs were hectic and disordered, from the rise of Hitler in 1933, U.S. isolationism in 1934, to the death of U.S. President Roosevelt. The war showed no

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  • Hiroshima Case

    Hiroshima Case

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt is one of the most well-known presidents in American history. Roosevelt brought the nation through one of its most difficult periods; a time of war and mass poverty. Some American's remember Roosevelt for bringing the United States out of The Great Depression while others believe the massive

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  • His 1301 - Corrupt Bargain 1824

    His 1301 - Corrupt Bargain 1824

    Exam 3 Review Terms: This review is not comprehensive; therefore, anything from lecture or your readings is fair game for the exam. Corrupt Bargain 1824: Henry clay gave support to John Q. Adams and got sec. of states in turn. it was said problems counting the electoral votes. When presidential

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  • Hispanics in Vietnam

    Hispanics in Vietnam

    * Precise figures are not available for Hispanic participation in Vietnam. * Prior to the full-scale escalation of the Vietnam War, Special Forces Advisor, Sergeant First Class Isaac Camacho's fire base was overrun by Viet Cong in November 1963. After an intense firefight, Camacho was taken prisoner. He is most

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  • Hist 2700 - Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs, and Steel

    Hist 2700 - Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs, and Steel

    Xuanming Fang HIST 2700 2/22/2016 Book Review Diamond believes that geography determines the basis for the survival of civilizations, and geography created different development trajectories and speed of the civilizations. Intentionally or unintentionally, Diamond takes, history, culture, tradition and religion as “the decisive factors” on secondary position. Yet we tend

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  • Historians


    At its most simple, the role of the historian is to read records like this, report on what he or she finds there, and thus inform the wider world about the past. This would mean simply arranging a report of events into a chronological order, and providing no further comment

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  • Historical Analysis of Adding Agriculture into Colleges

    Historical Analysis of Adding Agriculture into Colleges

    The number of ways that a person can communicate an idea today is endless. With the advanced technology and numerous sources of transportation, it isn't difficult to be anywhere talking to anyone in days at most. What these two articles, The Burlington Railroad and Agricultural Policy in the 1920's by

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  • Historical and Cultural Comparisom Between Canada and Usa

    Historical and Cultural Comparisom Between Canada and Usa

    The tourist potential of the climatic, landscape, historical & cultural resources of Canada, & New York (USA) The designations I have chosen are both on the American continent. The statistics used are based on the European traveller. Because of the vast difference in population density of Canada and the U.S.A,

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  • Historical Election

    Historical Election

    Historical Election Paper The 2000 election took place on November 7, 2000 with the competitors being George W. Bush and Al Gore. This election changed the face of voting history. I tried to decide what topic would be best when choosing a historical election. I recently turned 18, but I

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  • Historical Perspective on the Human Person

    Historical Perspective on the Human Person

    According to the article "Historical Perspective on the Human Person" by Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, the Western society has become highly developed however it has lost the value of the individual person. This society puts emphasis on defending individuals and their rights while "unborn babies, terminally ill patients, or those who simply

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  • Historical Problem

    Historical Problem

    Andrew Plyler Mr. Milstead 6th Hour Document Assignment Many people had their own take on the attitude of the South in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. Some of the most famous, W.E.B. Dubois, Booker T. Washington, T. Thomas Fortune, and Ida Wells Barnett still have their opinions

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  • Historical Validity in 2004's "the Alamo"

    Historical Validity in 2004's "the Alamo"

    Historical Validity in 2004's "The Alamo" In the 2004 release, by Touchstone Pictures, "The Alamo" takes a famous story told throughout time and recreates it on the screen once again. This time was it really any better than the other releases? Maybe the flashy effects and better film quality could

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  • Historiography of the Salem Witch Trials

    Historiography of the Salem Witch Trials

    The changing historiography of the Salem Witch Persecutions of 1692. How current/contemporary and historical interpretations of this event reflect the changing nature of historiography. The number of different interpretations of the Salem Witch Trials illustrates that historiography is ever changing. The historians, Hale, Starkey, Upham, Boyer and Nissenbaum, Caporal, Norton

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