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Challenges Facing Catholic Youth Today

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Daniel Sedhom 2/11/04

St. Teresa 8-2

"Challenges Facing Catholic Youth Today"

Now, in a world filled with horrors and the worst of peer pressure our society has ever faced, there are many more obstacles facing children in this Twenty-First Century.

There are many problems regarding peer pressure. Cigarette smoking and drugs are overcrowding and taking over the once pure world. Our friends influence us greatly, and they are reason why we act or dress the way we do. Almost all teenage smokers and drug abusers began through the influence of a peer, and the fear of looking like a coward in front of friends. Even many adults who are smokers began through the influence of childhood friends. Violence and alcohol also most be avoided because they are two of the primary reasons who millions of children die every year.

Another obstacle that Catholic children face is sex and abortion. Many children feel they are too young for sex, but in the mean time thousands of children each year have abortions, and commit the sin of taking the life of an unborn child.

A third problem that children do not realize as a sin is attendance at church. Communion and confession are a mandatory part of a Catholic child's life. Many children, especially teenagers avoid attending church to try to fit in with others. That is wrong because in the end, it doesn't matter who your friends with, but it does matter what deeds you did and the sins you have committed.

To conclude, facing our problems isn't easy, but overcoming them is even harder. We must look to make good decisions in friend making and for the support of family, because the life of a person depends on their life at home. Furthermore, we most look for help from our gracious and redeeming God.



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