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Challenges Facing America

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America is on the world's leading industrial and technical giants. Despite that our country seems unconquerable; we still have pressing problems attacking the nation. High crime rates, education of our citizens, and discrimination are only a few on the list of challenges facing America today.

America is a large dominant country that can't deny it has a violent society. The problem with violence is more severe today than ever before with our young adults. A young child is more likely to die from a gun shot wound than from natural causes and usually the person who shot the minor is also a minor. Juvenile delinquents are filling our jails up faster and faster each year. We also have a huge number of neighborhood crimes. Many Americans are afraid to walk down the street in front of their own homes. Minors are forming gangs with each one claiming a different part of their town. If there are gangs in a community than their mostly likely are drugs and killings. We can decrease the high crime rate by putting more criminals in prison, and giving them longer sentences

Education is another challenge that America has to face. Many minors have not finished high school or not enrolled. And with the ones who are enrolled in high school or a college, they are challenged by their international peers. Today many researchers show that international students are ranking higher on standardized test. The US spends more money per student than any other country and with many who graduate their not fully prepared for the workforce.

Discrimination is also another challenge and a serious one. Racial discrimination is not a thing but has been around for centuries. One example is the one in Selma where men and women were clubbed by the police for trying to march to Montgomery. Discrimination is also based on sex and sexual orientation. A woman is given a hard time these days when they want to go into a male dominant work field. They say either that their not looking for woman for this job or woman cannot

get the job done like a man. But that is all false because I think a woman is far stronger than a man. Why? If a woman can give child birth she can do anything.

High crime rate, discrimination, and racism are only a few challenges in America. It is good to see that the president and some governors at least have these problems on their priority list. For example, the Project Safe Neighborhoods in Philadelphia



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