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Position Paper

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Fellow Congressmen, I address you today to convince you of the present pressing issue concerning the annexation of the Philippines. The Philippines must be taken by the U.S., gentlemen. As I speak to you now, there are German vessels off the coast of the Philippines waiting for the moment in which they may take the Philippines for themselves. Not to mention the fact that we have already purchased the islands from Spain for twenty million dollars. This act of annexation will add several beneficial things to the United States. It will be a very lucrative opportunity for the marketing of our goods, and it will create many job opportunities for U.S. citizens. The Philippines is also very abundant source for natural resources. The over-taking of the Philippines will give us a strategic outpost which will allow us to keep an eye on the Far East; including Japan and China. Also, we as Americans have a White Man's Burden. This burden is to civilize this uncivilized area. Furthermore, there are many of those, myself included, who believe that we all have a responsibility to spread Christianity to these civilizations around the world. All these things are part of the American's new Manifest Destiny.

Many say that we should not take the Philippine Islands for many reasons, such as, the uprising going on there. This uprising is because of people being angry that the Americans might take over their country. These rebels are few in number and are not a threat or a large percent of the population. Others say that this act would be violating the Monroe Doctrine. This is also another misconception. There is no problem with the U.S. taking the Philippines.



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