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  • Rehabilitating McCarthyism

    Rehabilitating McCarthyism

    Rehabilitating McCarthyism FOR ALMOST fifty years, the words "McCarthy" and "McCarthyism" have stood for a shameful period in American political history. During this period, thousands of people lost their jobs and hundreds were sent to prison. The U.S. government executed Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, two Communist Party (CP) members, as

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  • Religious Beliefs of Settlers and Native Americans

    Religious Beliefs of Settlers and Native Americans

    Religious beliefs of settlers and Native Americans The Christian and Native American beliefs share both similarities and differences but as a whole I believe they are more similar than not. The settlers as well as most of if not all the tribes believe in one highest divine being. All parties

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  • Religious Concerns During Colonial Period

    Religious Concerns During Colonial Period

    "Throughout the colonial period, economic concerns had more to do with the settling of British North America than did religious concerns." According to this statement, both economic and religious reasons contributed to the founding of the thirteen colonies by the British in North America. The many people who settled in

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  • Religious Freedom in American Colonies

    Religious Freedom in American Colonies

    The extent of religious freedom in the British American colonies was at a moderate amount. Although colonies such as Virginia and Massachusetts had little to no religious freedom, there were colonies such as Pennsylvania and Rhode Island that had a certain degree of tolerance for other religions. With Virginia

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  • Remaking the Epic of America

    Remaking the Epic of America

    Remaking the Epic of America The article, Remaking the Epic of America, written by David Brooks is about the myth of the sports movie that has defined American society and ruled the theaters in our nation. Over the past few years, theaters in America have seen a succession of

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  • Remember the Titans

    Remember the Titans

    Introduction It is apparent to the viewer from the start this movie is about Prejudice, Racism and Discrimination. Set in a traditionally white southern town in 1971, the effects of court ordered integration are coming down hard on the town's people. The struggles of being black in a white society

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  • Remembering a Vietnam War Firefight: Changing Perspectives over Time

    Remembering a Vietnam War Firefight: Changing Perspectives over Time

    Tran Nguyen History 17B July 16th, 2017 Remembering a Vietnam War Firefight: Changing Perspectives over Time. In the article "Recalling a Vietnam War Firefight: Changing Points of view after some time", the writer discussed Marine's encounters of his confidants' lives being taken in Vietnam. When I read this article, I

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  • Renaissance


    The humanist and secularist beliefs of religion, individuality, and antiquity were evident in the style and illustration of Italian paintings and sculptures in the High Renaissance era. A deep sense of piety, Greek and Roman philosophy, and secularism, can be found in nearly all Renaissance paintings and sculptures, and the

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  • Rene Descartes

    Rene Descartes

    Rene Descartes is known as the famous French philosopher, scientist, and mathematician. He was born in La Haye (now Descartes), Tourine, France in 1596. While his family was not exactly the wealthiest people, they had produced a number of educated men. At the age of eight, he was enrolled in

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  • Repition in the Declaration of Independence

    Repition in the Declaration of Independence

    Repetition in "The Declaration of Independence" Thomas Jefferson used various techniques in writing "The Declaration of Independence." He was very careful about what he wrote, which turned out well for him, because the outcome was tremendous. With his use of repetition, Jefferson caught the eyes and ears of many Americans

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  • Report on: American History X

    Report on: American History X

    Recently we watched a movie called American History X. It touched on a lot of major subjects such as gang violence and racism, which has been passed on from generation to generation. It also asked questions like, what were their racist ideas really based on, how did racism effect

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  • Republic


    In a broad definition, a republic is a state or country that is led by people whose political power is based on principles that are not beyond the control of the people of that state or country. Several definitions, including that of the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica, stress the importance of

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  • Republicans and Democrats

    Republicans and Democrats

    Throughout history there have been many political parties. The largest of these parties in America that has survived through the decades are both the liberal Democrats and the conservative Republicans. The Republicans believe in a small government that should only interfere when necessary. They also believe that everyone has certain

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  • Research and Treatment of Juvenile Sexual offending from a Policy Point of View

    Research and Treatment of Juvenile Sexual offending from a Policy Point of View

    Research and Treatment of Juvenile Sexual Offending From a Policy Point of View By Yvonne K. Ray A Paper Presented in Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements of HS8101 Social Change and Public Policy September 2005 191 Sidney Street Twin Falls, Idaho 83301 208-212-5657 Dr. Timothy Emerick Abstract This paper

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  • Research on Tea and Sympathy

    Research on Tea and Sympathy

    LIFE of the PLAYWRIGHT (Robert Anderson) Robert Anderson, a native New Yorker, was born in 1917, in New York. He has written plays for the stage, screen, radio and television in addition to two novels. He educated at Harvard University, Anderson's first play was Tea and Sympathy. Some of his

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  • Research Paper on the Rise and Fall of Jim Johnson

    Research Paper on the Rise and Fall of Jim Johnson

    Ask someone who was one of the first people to break the color barrier in sports and you're almost guaranteed that the answer is Jackie Robinson. Yet almost 40 years earlier there was a black boxer by the name of Jack Johnson, also known as John Arthur Johnson. Most

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  • Reservation Blues

    Reservation Blues

    The novel "Reservation Blues" does not describe or deal with real Indians. The real Native Americans were forever destroyed by the government the second that they set foot upon the makeshift reservation. That very second saw the perish of all the age-long values and traditions that, before that moment, defined,

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  • Response Paper

    Response Paper

    Response Paper James Baldwin, a man of faith, lives a different from his beliefs. An openly gay black man, he became a spokesmen reproving discrimination of gays and the Civil Rights of blacks. Nevertheless, Baldwin's attributes as a writer are undeniable. Baldwin, in his lifetime, was able to effect

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  • Review of "since Yesterday"

    Review of "since Yesterday"

    Review of Frederick Lewis Allen: Since Yesterday: the 1930's America. (New York: Harper and Row, Publishers, Inc., 1939), 362 pp. Frederick Lewis Allen's book tells in great detail how the average American would have lived in the 1930's. He covers everything from fashion to politics and everything in between. He

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  • Review of Saving Private Ryan

    Review of Saving Private Ryan

    Saving Private Ryan Saving Private Ryan is a story of the terror of war and human sacrifice. Directed by Steven Spielberg, produced by Sam Weisman, Robert Evans, Kenneth Branagh, and Judy Davis, starring Tom Hanks(John Miller), Matt Damon(James Ryan), and Tom Sizemore, the motion picture bursted onto the big screen

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  • Review of the Peculiar Institution

    Review of the Peculiar Institution

    A Review of American Negro Slavery by Ulrich B. Phillips Phillips' book is an attempt to provide an overview of the practice and institutions of slavery in the Americas from its beginnings to the 19th century. Writing in 1918, Phillips hoped to provide an account of slavery based upon historical

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  • Revised Triangle Book Critique

    Revised Triangle Book Critique

    The book, TRIANGLE The Fire that Changed America, written by David Von Drehle is set in New York City primarily in the tenements of the Lower East Side and in Greenwich Village. The story provides a detailed account of life as an immigrant during the early 1900s, the garment workers

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  • Revolution


    Revolution Destruction of statues, screaming in the streets, rash actions, hasty decisions, and adrenaline-influenced outbursts. Prim and proper, fancy meetings, organized schedules, time for tea, and the thought of perfection. Total opposites are bound to clash at sometime or another, and for America, that time was now. The movie "Revolution"

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  • Revolution


    "Foremost in the minds of Americans in the late eighteenth century was the need to create a "more perfect union"- a virtuous, republican government dedicated to protection of the public welfare. This goal, more than any other, was the principle cause of the American Revolution and the underlying motive for

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  • Revolution


    The Revolution July 20, 2006 Today in class we focused on chapter 16. In chapter 16 we that when the French Third Estate moved to gain more rights and political power, it had sparked a revolution that changed both France and Europe. The middle class and peasantry benefited from the

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  • Revolutionary Causes - Usa

    Revolutionary Causes - Usa

    A number of issues raised tensions between the colonies and Great Britain. The already tense atmosphere was pushed even further with a number of taxes, acts and proclamations passed by Britain. These numerous acts usually dealt with taxes and other issues that came into conflict with the independent nature of

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  • Revolutionary Viewpoints

    Revolutionary Viewpoints

    Revolutionary Viewpoints Beginning in 1773, the Tea Act, Boston Tea Party, and the Coercive Acts directly brought about the split between Britain and its American colonies. These events were a series of causes and effects and were viewed from extremely different viewpoints by the two sides. Because of these viewpoints,

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  • Revolutionary War

    Revolutionary War

    Seventeen sixty-three was a year of great celebration, it was the year of the French and Indian War's end. The British defeated the French and their Native American allies, in North America. The colonists were pleased with the British victory, because they could now live in peace. However, as time

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  • Revolutionary War

    Revolutionary War

    The reasons the British should have been victorious were simple, they were a superior force. The British had a navy, a large, well trained army that should have trampled the American army, and the financing to boot. The American army was untrained with militiamen; they had no navy and were

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  • Revolutions - a Justified Means of Change?

    Revolutions - a Justified Means of Change?

    Since the beginning of time, revolutions have directed the progression of most societies. Not only have they improved the lives of many, but they have also been the cornerstones to building some of today's most powerful and democratic countries. Most people have heard of the French and American Revolutions, however

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