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Why Do You Want to Become Brand Solution Manager?

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Essay Preview: Why Do You Want to Become Brand Solution Manager?

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In my view, being a Brand Solution Manager will put me in a job role which requires identifying brand challenges, understanding the essence of brands, knowing the consumer base, detecting the right target markets, crafting creative ideas which can communicate value that fulfills the aspirations of the target audience, building a strong brand story, choosing the right media vehicles for reach and executing the process as an effective campaign. Every client deliverable should communicate value to the customers. Brand Solutions heavily rely on content which induces trust in customers and hence increases the credibility of the brand.

Brand Solution Manager has to deal with the Content Marketing, the Networking with existing clients and prospects, provide strategic solutions to the clients, coordinate with the design, content and operations team, improve online sales and ensure business for the company. Having worked in an environment with a similar work exposure, I suppose, working as a Brand Solution Manager will add to my abilities and help me to learn in much greater depth.

How it is right fit for me:

• Relevance: I have interned as a Digital Marketing Manager.

• Willingness: I have inclination towards Digital space and I intend to pursue it as a career.

• Motivation: An idea to be marketed always kindles my mind with an array of alternatives that can be executed to communicate the right message.

• Pursuit of Happiness: I’m happy and content when a campaign works out and brings the numbers. I enjoy my work thoroughly and tend to boost the morale of others around me.

Becoming a Brand Solution Manager will fit my personality and help me grow. Thus, I see this job role to be a perfect fit for me.


Being a Marketing Majors student and having interned with OUTKREATE LLC, an Ahmedabad based Digital Marketing lab, I have developed an understanding about brands, tone and voice of brands, importance of brand story and the art of storytelling. My job role was content writing, making creative briefs and social media campaigns for the clients.

I have dealt with a B2B client Ankur Scientific which is Vadodara based company and provides clean tech solutions i.e. Waste to Energy plants to other manufacturers. I was responsible for handling its Facebook page, Twitter and the LinkedIn account. I used to work on the creative briefs for different campaigns like #WasteToEnergy, #ChangeForBetter, #WorldOceanDay, #SayNoPlastic, #IslandElectrification,



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