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Position of Manager

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Inter personal Role

In interpersonal role managers job are people intensive with at least two thirds of time spent communicating with person inside and outside their work units. These roles are further divided into three subroles, which are figurehead, leader, and liaison role. All of these three roles are primarily concerned with interpersonal relationship.

Figurehead Role

Figurehead role is the simplest roles among these three roles. Figurehead role performs ceremonial and symbolic duties such as greeting visitors and signing legal documents. This role usually perform by the top manager in an organization. The top level manager represents the company legally and socially to those outside of the organization whereas the supervisor represents the work group to higher management and higher management to the work group.

The following are some example of figurehead role:

-The CEO of a company attend a new office building ceremonial and cuts the ribbon.

-A shop supervisor attend his/her subordinate's daughter wedding party.

Leadership Role

Leadership role is the most important roles for managers. This role defines the manager's interpersonal relationship with his/her subordinates. In leadership role manager should always motivate his subordinates in order to make them work more harder. Besides, communication also act an important role in leadership role as communication will help the manager more understand his subordinates. In addition, the behavior of the manager also very important as it will influence the behavior of the workers. For example, as a manager you always late to work, the worker will follow you late to work. The behavior and the action of the worker will reflect the successes and failures on a manager, so manager should always responsible for the action of his suboedinates.

For instance, company should give workers training in order to increase their productivity. In other hands, company should give rewards, bonus for the worker who did well in their job in order to make them feel that company is concern them.

Liaison Role

Liaison is the center for information and communication networks. In liaison role manager must act like a politician, working



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