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Career Management Plan

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Career Management Plan

In our readings we learn that it is not productive to conduct a performance appraisal without performance management. If we do, we are noting where a person currently is, but not assisting them to get where they need to be or where they desire to be. We are to "think of performance management as a kind of compass; one that indicates a person's actual direction as well as a person's desired direction. Like a compass, the job of the manager (or athletic coach or school guidance counselor) is to indicate where that person is now, and to help focus attention and effort on the desired direction." (Cascio, 2006, pg 324) During the evaluation of the new sales team members we will do just that. With the new changes of InterClean this will be necessary for a number of reasons. We will create a career management plan during the appraisal and implement it immediately following to guide the new team into success. That specific plan for each team member will be based on the results of the evaluation to include the feedback of the employee and the manager.


During the evaluation two ratings will be documented, but only the managers score will impact ranking. The employee will rate themselves to help the manager understand the employee's perception of self, the position, the responsibilities of the job and so on.

After the rating has been determined for each factor, the manager will continue asking additional questions to get a better handle on the difficulties, likes, dislikes and vision of the employee. The follow up questions will give more detailed feedback. It will also help uncover the areas of the employee's career that need the most development.

The evaluation is the first place the employee will begin to receive feedback directly from the manager. The manager will use the evaluation as a basis to create the employees career plan. The manager and the employee will agree upon steps to take in training, personal development, etc to improve the overall productivity of the employee. The manager will also give clarity on the expectations of the employee and detail how to achieve the level of proficiency desired by the employee and the company. This detailed plan will contrive of a time frame to reach attainable goals set by the manager. There will be a follow up evaluation scheduled as well, 30-60 days after the training and development plan is put into action. The career development plan should be put into action immediately.

Development and opportunities

Once the plan is implemented, the manager will follow up with the employee weekly to make sure the employee stays on track and is consciously making strides toward the established goals. This communication can be done through email, face to face, etc, but should be documented with feedback notes by both the manager and employee.

The manager will also develop an online training program through e-resources from the company's e-library that is specifically geared toward the employee's needs. Each employee will have different levels of expertise, needs and career desires. The manager's online training program will address these factors. For example, if a sales person has the skill and knowledge for the current position they are in, but desires to be a manager, then the manager will assist in directing the learning program in the direction of developing management skills while also increasing responsibilities of the employee. If a person needs assistance in developing solutions or in customer service, then the e-learning will be geared toward developing those skills.

Other opportunities of development include mentoring, shadowing and other hands on experience and face to face knowledge gathering. These opportunities will be available and discussed after the initial goals have been met and another evaluation is completed. If the employee is deemed serious and goal oriented, then further investment of time and energy will be attributed to the employee's development.

Dual Career Parents

"From an organizational perspective, successful



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