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Skyy Vodka Advertisement Analysis

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Essay Preview: Skyy Vodka Advertisement Analysis

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SEX! Many magazines, such as Cosmopolitan and Maxim, use sex and sex appeal in order to sell their magazines. These are two very different magazines that cater to different audiences. While flipping through each, an individual would notice that the articles are written differently, the styles of each are completely opposite, even the advertisements are dissimilar. In each magazine, there are several ads depicting the same product, but being sold in two totally different ways. An ad for Skyy Vodka can be found in both Cosmopolitan and Maxim magazine. Each ad is similar, yet they have very different pictures and tactics due to the very different audiences. By interpreting the ads in Cosmopolitan and Maxim, respectively, we can compare and contrast the techniques used to grab the audiencesÐ'ÐŽÐ'Ї attention and persuade them to buy the product.

After examining the Skyy Vodka ad from Cosmopolitan, a few key details were noticeable. The foremost detail is the model holding the martini glass and flower. She appears to be sophisticated and dressed in formal attire, thus giving the assumption that she is of high class. This gives appeal to women because the ad is stating that the consumer, as well as the model within the ad, can be classy and sophisticated as well, if she drinks Skyy Vodka. In the background there are men, looking subdued and submissive. This gives the image that the woman in the ad is in control of them, thus letting the consumer assume that she can also be that woman. In general, women want to see other woman having power over men because it gives them a sense of control and strength. This ad demonstrates control over men and helps the consumer want to feel this strength as well.

In Maxim, there is another ad for Skyy Vodka however, it is very different from the one found in Cosmopolitan. The ad depicts a man lying next to a pool, and a woman, very scantily dressed, lying on an inflatable raft in the pool. The man is wearing a suit and tie, thus letting the consumer assume he is a businessman, just home from work. His attire and the scenery also gives off the idea that he might be wealthy. These elements use snob appeal to get the attention of the audience, thus letting them think that if they purchase this product, it will lead others to believe that they are wealthy. The woman in the ad is dressed in attire that would appeal to the male audience. This grabs the attention fast and lets the consumer concentrate on the ad. This ad is specifically designed to gain the attention of the consumer that is viewing the ad.

In comparison, these two advertisements appear to be very different, although they are selling the same thing. In each ad bright colors, such as red and orange, are used as an attention-grabber. A person is more likely to stop and look at an ad with a lot of color, rather than one that is very plain and camouflaged into the pages of the magazine. Also, the use of snob appeal is prominent in both ads. As stated by Stuart Hirschberg, Ð'ÐŽÐ'oThe value warrant in



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