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S-80 Advertisement Analysis

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Advertisements attempt to persuade viewers to buy their products over their competitors. They do this by portraying their product so it has a positive image that people will notice and remember. The advertisement of the S-80 Volvo is trying to attract families in appositive way.

One of the techniques used in this advertisement is the setting. The setting is on a high area of land in the mountains with a waterfall in the background. This use of setting gives the viewer a sense of peace and adventure which they subconsciously connect these ideas, of peace and adventure to the car. Waterfalls are known to be peaceful and relaxing which would appeal to the average family who run hectic lives, by the use of the setting it attracts parents by showing them what they want, a peaceful setting one without everyday troubles ,which just so happens to have a Volvo in the foreground.

Another technique used to appeal to a family is the use of the child and the woman. Every parent wants there children to grow up safe and unharmed but still experience an adventurous childhood, this advertisement exploits these feelings by the slogan "the world's most exciting safe choice" this slogan indicates that you can have safety and adventure in one, before you could either be safe or adventurous not both. Also the presence of a child would appeal to the protective mother. The women in the advertisement is shown holding her head in away that indicates that she could be in some discomfort to do with her neck, the action of a injured women would attract the attention of a stereotypical husband who want their partner to be safe as possible along with their child.

Dialogue is also another important technique along with the connection between the written dialogue and the visual dialogue. "whiplash is one of the most common in car injuries...impact are reduced by 50%" this gives the viewer a perception that while there in the S-80 there safer than if they were in any other car. The car brand Volvo is notoriously a safe car always performing well in the crash tests so with this prior knowledge and with the dialogue we know that this car is going to be safer than an ordinary car. Stereotypically males choose the car with help from his partner and this advertisement exploits this by the male being the protector of the family so he wants them safe as possible and the S-80 delivers this.

The car



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