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Importance of the United Nation

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With the dawn of the new century the study of security, norms and human rights combined with constructive approach has led to creation of a wide insight in the study of international relation. The united nation is main stakeholder in matter pertaining to these three issues. Thus it becomes a focus of interest in the study of global legislations. The case studies that would be used will provided both individual and comparative results that help give a limelight on answering questions that deal with international relations and global governance. From the research done on this paper it’s evident that the United Nations plays major functions which ensure that the normalcy within different borderline are well maintained.


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction1
  2. Literature review2

United nation and its function2

Peace keeping and security functions2

Norms and life cycle functions3

Gender equality and protection4

  1. Methodology5

Conceptual method5

Process tracing 7

Comparative analysis8

  1. Source of data9
  2. Functions  Analysis9

Security and peacekeeping functions9

Norms and life cycle functions11

International laws functions based on comparative analysis of two countries14

  1. Recommendations and conclusion18
  2. Reference21


The impending governance of the international community involves a uniquely complex and multifaceted challenge for many global scholars. The process of management takes place on different dimensions which are influenced by many stakeholders both at the state and non-state capacity. The United Nation is a known entity that is involved in international governance. The study of its role and its function as an inclusive organization, for instance, its general assembly is not only exciting but also imperative in the understanding of international governance dynamics (Schmalenbide 2015).

The thesis applies a standard format, which initially includes the introduction of review of relevant literature and situating the research along with their provisions. The next chapter consists of the methods that I used in developing the thesis. They include the conceptual model,  process tracing approach and comparative analysis and an explanation of why they were chosen as the most appropriate approaches for the argument under study would be provided, later it explains some of the reason why the three methods work and some limitations that may be experienced. Other aspects that are covered on the methodology include the cases selection and issue the associated with those situations. The rest of the sections make up the meat of the thesis because they touch on how the method applies to the peace and security, environmental and weapon arena, gender and discrimination issues. Each section would contain a specified function, and because techniques and methods selected above are involved widely, I will connect the approach and the functions to come up with a credible conclusion (Lowring  2013). Finally, the conclusion will follow soot whereby all the cases will be brought together and comparison made in the final assessment about the validity of the role and functions of the United Nations.


United nation and its function

As noted above the UN plays a significant function in establishing the international relations and ensuring harmonious coexistence within many nations. This research would focus on three primary tasks that the UN within the past 50 years has aimed at achieving and includes and not limited to: the central role of the UN which is, of course, maintaining world peace and security done by various peacekeeping missions worldwide. The second focus will be the role that it plays in the norm of the daily life cycle and lastly and perhaps the most outspoken purpose is the function it performs in ensuring gender equity.

Peacekeeping and security functions

Perhaps we start with an essential function of the UN; the maintenance of peace and global security. But in a comprehensive understanding of the role that the UN plays in the maintenance of global peace it’s relevant that the following aspects come into consideration which includes matters affecting world politics, the development of credible international systems. The balance and distribution of power, the world wars and the idea of collective security, the functions of the security council, veto power, general assembly, equality of principles, and the effectiveness of the UN to maintain these balances. International organizations do symbolize norms and laws which impose some limits to the sovereignty of a nation (Tryggested 2014). Based on the UN charter, it assigns two primary functions to the Security Council: according to chapter VI, the council is mandated to settle disputes and according to chapter VII facing threats that one way or the other disturb world peace through coordinated action within the organization. The council to achieve this would instead handle situations using other provisions within the constitution like chapter VI than using collective security or military action that is provided in chapter VII. An exception to this was the Persian Gulf and Korean War. The UN to avoid the occurrence of war and in a broader perspective prevent loss of life; the council uses other techniques to solve conflict including investigation, deliberation, exhortations, mediations, recommendation, conciliation, mediation, the interposition of the available peacekeeping mission. When the situations are extreme, military operations and economic sanctions can be engaged. In determining which approach to be employed, they are some variables that have to be weighed. Among the main issue to be checked before military intervention is the extent in which peace is in danger of being, level of unity within the council and finally, the relationship between the dispute and the disputant to the UN this applies mostly based on permanency.



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