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United Nations

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United Nations

"5 W's"

What: The political organization established 1945 by the allied powers who were later joined by other nations

Who: Today there are 191 nations in the United Nations but It was originally started by those who were fighting against the axis powers.

Where: It was decided to have it located in the Eastern United States, they bought land with money given by John D. Rockefeller Jr. along the East River in NYC.

When: The United Nations was officially coined such in 1941 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The term was not used officially until Jan. 1, 1942, when 26 states joined in the Declaration by the United Nations.

Why: The war effort needed to be joined so that they didn't make peace separately. The need for an international organization to replace the League of Nations was not stated until Oct. 30, 1943.

Six Bodies:

General Assembly: It meets in regular yearly sessions under a president elected from among the representatives. The regular session usually begins on the third Tuesday in September and ends in mid-December. Special sessions can be convened at the request of the Security Council, of a majority of UN members, or, if the majority concurs, of a single member

Security Council: It is charged with maintaining peace and security between nations. While other organs of the UN only make recommendations to member governments, the Security Council has the power to make decisions which member governments must carry out under the United Nations Charter.

Economic and Social Council: It assists the General Assembly in promoting international economic and social cooperation and development.

Trusteeship Council: It was established to help ensure that non-self-governing territories were administered in the best interests of the inhabitants and of international peace and security. They suspended operation in 1994.

Secretariat: It provides studies, information, and facilities needed by United Nations bodies for their meetings. It also carries out tasks as directed by the UN Security Council, the UN General Assembly, the



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