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United Nations Research Assignment

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United Nations Research Assignment

Raelle Mejias

1. Four of the UN's most important goals are:

a) To keep the peace and stop war.

b) To promote human rights and equality.

c) To increase the amount of justice in the world.

d) To keep international relations happy.

2. The UN's General Assembly has one seat and vote for every member in the assembly and meets once a year to talk about world problems and issues. There are 191 members. The General Assembly April 13 adopted the text of the International Treaty for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism, which makes it a crime for terrorists to possess or threaten to use nuclear weapons. I agree with the treaty because their motive makes a lot of sense.

3. The World Court was created by the U.N. charter. Its main role is to settle disputes submitted to it from states and give advisory opinions on legal questions. The Security Council and the General Assembly elect 15 Judges which last each for a nine-year term.

4. The United Nations Security Council investigates disputes and keeps the peace and security. The current Members of the Security Council includes 10 members elected by the General Assembly and five states as permanent members: United States, China, Russian Federation, and France whom hold veto power over the rest of the members: Algeria, Argentina, Benin, Brazil, Denmark, Greece, Japan, Romania, Philippines, and the United Republican of Tanzania.


A) UNICEF- Aids the education and the health of children and mothers in developing countries

B) UNEP- To protect atmosphere and terrestrial ecosystems the promotion of environmental science and information, to have early warning and emergency response to deal with environmental disasters and emergencies.

C) FAO- Is the international organization of food and agriculture.

D) WHO- Is a UN agency that coordinates international health activities and helps government's improve their health services.



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