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United Nations

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The most important international governmental organization is undoubtedly the organization of the United Nations. The united nations were created after the second world war as a big hope for mankind.

The international organization of sovereign states whose purpose was to maintain peace and cooperation between the peaceful nations was founded on June 26th 1945. in San Francisco. On that day 50 founding countries signed the charter of the United Nations that came into affect in October 24th 1945. after its ratification in the majority of national parliaments, and that day is known as the United Nations day.

The goals of this organization are to maintain international peace and safety, to promote and develop friendly relations between people on the basis of respect for equality and self determination of nations, to resolve international problems that are of economic, social, cultural or of humanitarian nature, by cooperating and respecting human rights and freedoms.

It is stated that the UN is based on the principle of equality of all members that are obliged to conscientiously fulfill their obligations from the charter, and that they will resolve their international disputes by peaceful means, and that they will restrain from threatening and the use of force in any way that is not in accordance with the UN goals.

The countries that signed the charter and the future countries to sign the charter are obliged to give full support to every action that this organization undertakes and to restrain from supporting any country that the UN has undertook preventive measures against.

The UN has six basic agencies the General assembly, The Security Council, The Economic and social council, Trust ship council, the International court of justice and ministry. The official languages in the UN headquarters in New York are English, French, Russian, Spanish and Chinese.

The structure of the UN is a creation of the winners of world war two. The five most important winning countries are Russia, USA, Great Britain, France and China had special privileges. One of them is the right to veto proposals. No proposal could be accepted if there is a veto from any of these five countries.

The fact that after world war two there were a number of military conflicts with catastrophic outcomes puts a shade of doubt onto the successfulness of



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