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The United Nations

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The United Nations is an international organization solely based on promoting world peace and harmony throughout the world and its leaders. Established in 1945 after World War II, it served as a second attempt to prevent any other future disputes between countries after the League of Nations came to a bitter end. Although the League of Nations failed in the past, the UN should be given the benefit of the doubt and remain a strong role in society.

The United Nations is continually working hard to promote peace in different ways. Whether it is directly or indirectly, the UN works to heal the economic and social causes of war. For example, during the 1980's the United Nations helped negotiate the resolution between Iran and Iraq by protecting the world's oil supply from the Persian Gulf as the centre for negotiation and debate. The UN provides an ideal structure for the peaceful conclusions of disputes as a way of eliminating conflicts before they occur. In times of international crisis, the UN effortlessly serves as a focal point for easing tensions and beginning negotiations. Having such a society leaves people at ease knowing that there is some discussion and action to eliminate the problem before matters get worse.

Preventing conflict in the world is as imperative as keeping the peace. In order to prevent conflict, tasks such as early warning, negotiation and the use of approval when necessary are vital. Nevertheless effective prevention helps address the issues that influence society's chaos. The United Nations promote human security, proper authority, and reverence for human rights around the world. They are also assisting by acknowledging the fundamental causes of war. Without the United Nations and the collaboration between other countries, none of these strategic procedures for enhancing our society would be attainable. With the support of an international community, the UN is making it possible to create the ideal society with prevention of future wars and disputes.

The United Nations created efforts to maintain peace and development in the world by generating the ability for countries to build confidence and trust in each other and to validate that agreements are being honored. With UN support, negotiations have resulted in a wide range of agreements such as 'Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty', the 'Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty', and other various treaties to launch nuclear-free



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