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Diary of a Cynic

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Diary of a Cynic

The complicated life is the one that ruptures liberation and that ignites conformity to the societal ideologies of the present without the necessary intervention of deductive knowledge and ideas that would otherwise make one question the foundations of the aforementioned  dogma with rigor and effective cynicism. I believe that religious scriptures have the unparalleled power to develop the intervening capacity of thought of the believers and the non-believers alike in that the believers would render such development as gospel and the non-believers would be living amongst individuals that would follow a way of life alluding to the principles of stoicism and the breadth of cynic teachings of the arcane Greek philosophies of the past.

That is why it is disheartening to see individuals follow a certain way of life without actually considering the multiple facets of philosophical teachings that are portrayed by the map that such individuals follow on a daily basis, only to contemplate the aforesaid way of life to the extent of achieving (or appearing to achieve) inner serenity and “peace of mind”, as put forth widely by the pastor and the pauper alike, without delving into the mind of the Source of the map in its ability to provide sanctity and meaning in the Now, as substantiated by the false promises of the metaphorical path to Nirvana.

As you believe that the man in the sky is watching you, your actions are corroborated by an everlasting angst in their need to fulfill individual potential at the expense of the macrocosmic universe.



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