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Diary of Abigail Williams

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Essay Preview: Diary of Abigail Williams

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Dear Diary,

Well, he used it. You remember the thing I told you about, how there was no way that John would tell the court about our affair to save his wife? Well he did, and I almost did a backflip. I didn't know what I would do, so I did what I had to. I lied to the court with a blank face, and denied the accusation with everything I had. I became indignant with the judge, and he decided that he would ask Elizabeth about why I was fired from her house. Neither John or myself was allowed to look at her when Danforth questioned her, so all I could do was hope that she would lie to him to make sure her husband's good name could be preserved in the town. Sure enough, she lied for him and as she was walking out of the court room, John told her that he had confessed it all! If only you could have seen her face when he said that. She looked as if she had been struck by lightning at that exact moment, and you would have sworn that the Devil was actually in the room with us, staring her in the eyes and telling her that death was on the way. That look was what I had been waiting for since I had started the entire witchcraft craze in Salem. But something terrible also happened. I was forced to turn on John Proctor in order to make Mary Warren shut her mouth about why we were accusing people. I feel terrible about making him go to prison with his wife, but I had to do it to cover myself. Although I truly love John, the most important thing of all is my own safety. What will I do now?




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