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William Shakespeare

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William Shakespeare was born to John Shakespeare and mother Mary Arden approximately in late April 1564 in Stratford -upon-Avon. His father was a prominent and prosperous alderman and later became a leather merchant. In William's family there was at least 8 children, including him being the 3rd and eldest son.

There is no solid proof as to which school Shakespeare attended, but there is an assumption it was at Stratford. The school was competitive and had a good reputation, which would explain Shakespeare's proficiency in Greek and Latin. William did not go to college, which prompts some people to say that Shakespeare did not write his own work. (Hieatt.2)

In November 1582 he married Anne Hathaway, who was 8 years older. Shortly after, their daughter Susan was born in May 26,1583. The couple later had twins, Hamnet and Judith, who were born on February 2, 1585. Hamnet, later died at the age of eleven and William then disappeared from the records for about seven years, until 1588 when he arrived in London to establish himself as an actor and playwrighter. A few years later he joined up with one of the most successful acting troupes in London: The Lord Chamberlain's Men. He then went on to build his own theater across from the old one.

Shakespeare entertained the king and the people for another 10 years until June 19,1613 when a cannon fired from the roof of the theater and burned it to the ground. He then invested in the rebuilding of the new theater. After this successful event he then retired from the stage in 1597, but continued to write until his death in 1616 on the day of his 52nd birthday.

On average Shakespeare would write about 3 plays a year for his company along. He was A playwright, an actor, and part owner. Shakespeare was also a principle writer of a famous company of actors know as the King's Men. In his time Shakespeare wrote 13 comedies, 13 historical plays, 6 tragedies, 4 tragicomedies, as well 154 sonnets. He is most noted for his achievements in highly original tragedies. Shakespeare was quite wealthy in his day, considering he left 300 pounds (120,000) to his daughter when he past away. (Fraser.22)

Western Civilization still does embrace the works of William Shakespeare. Shakespeare is the only playwrighter from his ere whose plays are still being performed today.

His influences are still seen today with adaptations of his plays such as: "Romeo and Juliet",



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