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Diary of Anne Frank

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The Diary of Anne Frank

The Diary of Anne Frank is about a girl that kept a diary while hiding from Nazi's in Amsterdam for two years. The diary was ended when the Nazi's found them. They first kept them in camps, most of her family was separated and they were later killed in exception for her father. This books main source was from a journal that Anne kept. She was given this journal for her thirteenth birthday. She explains her life for two years in this journal. The journal was found after she was killed. It was given to her father and he got to keep it. I felt like it was very touching to him that it was still there and he had something to remember her by. This journal brought Anne's childhood together and it just tells the story of her life, and how she had to live through it. The journal shows the adolescence of Anne and her constant arguments with her mother.

I felt that there was only one main problem in this book. I realized that Anne rewrote her diary about two months before she was captured because she wanted her journal to be published after the war and she waned to have a career in journalism. It was hard to tell what existed in her original copy and how much did she add afterwards, so this tells me that we will never know how much knowledge Anne Frank really had. I'm not use if her diary was a valuable historical thing.

Anne Frank's diary was probably one of the first books I've ever read about the Holocaust. This book had a major impact on my life and how I look at different things. I can't believe how some people had to live back before I was born. They had very hard times and had to live through it all, so this book was a great learning experience. I would also recommend this book to people how really want to learn something new but still enjoy what you're reading.



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